Hidden Panzer Dragoon Saga Book Discovered!


Published by Solo Wing in News

Another book has been found in Panzer Dragoon Saga… and I thought that I had read them all! The book, which goes by the name of the Drone Record, can only be found (as far as I know) by browsing through the MENUBK.BIN file on any of the four CDs with a computer. I can’t thank Seeking Wing enough for discovering this great secret.

Also in this update, there are two new theories and a new chapter of a fanfic. The fanfic update is Chapter 3 of Panzer Dragoon X that explains how a certain character is found. Geoffrey has written two new theories, the first being about Panzer Dragoon Zwei’s True Ending. With the recent confirmation that the Sky Rider was not Lundi some things have to be rethought and this theory does that nicely. The other theory is about Lagi’s different forms and how many of them may have been prototypes of the Solo Wing. Both theories can be found in the Theories section.

The new section that I had planned for the 50th Update has been delayed, but it’s still coming and should be ready in the next week or two.