Futatsugi Wants to Revisit Old SEGA IP


Published by Draikin in News

In a recent interview with Polygon, Yukio Futatsugi revealed some information on the projects he’s currently working on. While the article is mostly about Space Channel 5 VR, it also suggests that we may see Futatsugi’s Grounding Inc. work on other SEGA IP in the future. He noted that recently SEGA seems to be more open to licensing their IP to other companies. At the same time, he’s also thinking about new VR projects Grounding Inc. can pursue. The interviewer also asked him about Panzer Dragoon in particular:

Asked about Panzer Dragoon — the series he’s best known for — in VR, Futatsugi said if the opportunity came up he would love to work on it, though he wouldn’t want to port the old games over in a straightforward way. He would want to do something new. He clarified, though, that at the moment “there’s no specific movement happening on the Panzer Dragoon front”.

It’s a logical assumption that the “something new” is referring to VR. While Futatsugi has nothing to announce yet, these comments at least hint at the possibility of the Panzer Dragoon franchise making an unlikely return after a long absence. Let’s hope that’s the case!