Futatsugi Says Rail Shooters and VR Are Very Compatible

Futatsugi Says Rail Shooters and VR Are Very Compatible

Published by Solo Wing .

Famitsu recently interviewed Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi. Although the Google translation of the interview is rough, his comments about Panzer Dragoon and VR can be interpreted as follows:

  • He thinks rail shooters and VR are very compatible.
  • He says that although rail shooters are an old game style, we are currently at the dawn of VR, so the genre is a good match.
  • He thinks the combination of rail shooter and VR present in Rez Infinite is very good.
  • He thinks that when you play a VR rail shooter, the immersive feeling it creates makes us forget that it is an old game style.
  • He thinks that if someone made a VR version of Panzer Dragoon, it would be fun.
  • He is thinking of making a VR rail shooter.

Of course, Futatsugi’s development studio Grounding Inc doesn’t own the rights to Panzer Dragoon (or Crimson Dragon), so any VR rail shooter than he made would likely be a new IP. Unless Sega or Microsoft allow him to use their intellectual property for the new VR shooter.