Crimson Dragon: Side Story Has Arrived

Crimson Dragon: Side Story Has Arrived

Published by Solo Wing .

Crimson Dragon: Side Story, the spin off title to the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Crimson Dragon, is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace. You can view the marketplace page by following this link. The game’s description is as follows:

Set on the mysterious planet Draco, “Crimson Dragon: Side Story” is a shooter in which you control dragons to defeat enemies. Use touch controls to pilot your dragon and target enemies–it’s a perfect match for your Windows Phone 7! Breed new controllable dragons, level up through repeated play, and choose from more than 170 skills to customize their attacks. Begin your journey on Draco today!

The game is priced at US$0.99 / UK£0.79 / CA$0.99 / AU$0.99 / NZ$1.49 (to list just some of the currencies), and I imagine it will be a rough equivalent in whatever region you’re located in.

Crimson Dragon: Side Story’s requirements are 205 MB of free space and phone with the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system or higher installed. The game also requires location services, data services, movement and directional sensor, music and video library, Xbox LIVE, and phone identity, so if you’re thinking of getting a phone for this game I would advise checking that it is capable of all those features.

Still no word on when the main Crimson Dragon game is coming out, but Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner (September the 20th until the 23rd), so maybe we will hear what’s happening with the game soon.

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