Another Panzer Dragoon Saga?

Published by Solo Wing .

This news is going to get any Panzer Dragoon Saga fan excited and once you hear it you’ll understand why! When IGN visited Tokyo Game Show they spoke to the people at Smilebit. After explaining that the reason Panzer Dragoon Orta was a shoot em up was to reintroduce people to the Panzer Dragoon world, Kawagoe added that if there was going to be a continuation of the Panzer Dragoon series that the next game would be an RPG! Apparently there was a smile on his face as he said this… was he hiding something we don’t know about?

Due to copyright issues I can’t publish the whole article on this site but you can read some of it on this thread at the Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon forum.

Source: IGN Xbox (IGN Insider only)