Part 4: Panzer Dragoon Saga

Chapter 3: The Village of Cainus

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When the pair arrived at the village, Gash was disturbed to find that the place was lifeless; its buildings were toppled and reduced to heaps of rubble. Darkness was closing in by then, so Edge and Gash resolved to camp out there for the night.

Seated around a blazing fire that they had made in the ruins, the pair talked long into the night. Edge recounted how he had come to meet the dragon, but Gash was a little more secretive about what he was doing out there: he mentioned that he was in search of an individual referred to as the “Divine Visitor”, but he would say little more on the subject.

Gash was an intriguing but very secretive man.

Gash was an intriguing but very secretive man.

Gash informed Edge that Craymen had caused the Seekers various problems too, and that the Black Fleet had killed many of his fellows. Eventually Gash chanced across a message that had been left in the ruins, which bore disturbing news: apparently Edge was well on the trail of Craymen already, as the Black Fleet had been responsible for the destruction of Cainus itself.