The Ancients

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A prequel set in the Ancient Age. The fall of the Ancients begins in this fan fiction with the creation of Sestren. (to be continued)

Message Interception Report Security: Top Clearance Intercepted: 0228 hours, 15 Rak, 1303 AW Signal Origin: Armament Facility G1

————-Begin Message————–

Theta Team Status Report Objective Summary Insertion: complete Infiltration: complete Reconaissance: in progress

Voice Report:

“Infiltration successful. We are currently in the main facility. It appears… um… We’re seeing biological weaponry on a massive scale here. So far we’ve passed at least 50 hangars full of standard airbornes. Types A31 and A32 mainly. We also have seen substantial ground forces. There’s something else, though. We’re seeing things that, well, we don’t know what the hell they are. They don’t fit any types we’ve been briefed on. We’ve gotten a few pictures, and they are included in this transmission. So far, no danger of detection, mission is successful to this point. End report.”

————–End Message————–

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