Panzer Dragoon Saga FMV Script

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.



{This is the introductory movie for Panzer Dragoon Saga, which shows up before the title screen on the first disc.}


{Scene: Excavation Site #4}

{Rhua strikes up a coversation with an enervated Edge. Suddenly, a monster attacks the Excavation Site they were guarding.}

{Rhua:} What’s up, Edge?

{Edge:} Not much… at all.

So this is life in the heart of the action?

{Rhua:} Enjoy the peace while it lasts, kid.

{Edge:} One question, Rhua.

Why are we guarding this dump?

{Rhua:} Why ask?

{Edge:} Don’t you want to know?

{Rhua:} No way.

From my experience, the less you know about the Empire,

the better off you are.

{Edge:} But this just doesn’t seem right.

{Rhua:} Kid, don’t interfere in the affairs of the Empire.

You’ll live longer.

We were hired by the Empire to guard this excavation site.

That’s all.

Asking too many questions, will only get you killed.

{Someone calls from below the structure.}

{Rhua:} Dammit! There’s something in the mine!

{Edge:} A beast?

From the Ancient Age?


{Scene: Above the clouds}

{K.F. Craymen, leader of the Empire’s black fleet, plots against the Emperor.}

{Narrator:} Thousands of years have passed

since the fall of the utopian civilization.

The survivors live in fear

of the biological weapons

created by ancient technologies.

Then the Empire rose to power

with the technology of the lost civilization on their side.

The age started anew.

The Empire drove away the nightmarish creatures

with ancient weapons excavated from the dormant ruins.

The people rejoiced, believing that humans could live without fear.

But power gave birth to ambition, and ambition to war.

The Empire declared war on its neighboring nations,

but they too discovered the ancient weapons.

{Narrator:} The battles became epic struggles.

To maintain superiority,

the Empire intensified their search of the ancient ruins.

A research institute was established at the Imperial Capital,

to unlock the mysteries of the Ancient Age.

{A black fleet above the clouds.}

{Navigator 1:} 30 minutes to excavation site 4.

{Arwen:} The operation at the Imperial Capital is proceeding as planned…

{Craymen:} We must deny the Emperor his prize.

Arwen, now is the time for rebellion.

{Navigator 2:} Message from Site 4.

They’ve encountered a monster…

It’s a distress signal.

{Craymen:} Excellent.

Looks like that’s our invitation.

{Arwen:} Tell them that we will arrive in 15 minutes!


{Scene: The heart of Excavation Site #4}

{The monster discovered in the ruins of the excavation is engaged by the hunters.}

{Edge: Take that!}

{Edge fires rounds at the monster.}

{Captain:} Run for your life!

This isn’t the usual half-breed.

It’s a full-blooded one.

We’re no match for him!

{Rhua:} I’ve already called for help.

Get out of here, Edge!

{Edge notices the heavy arms lying next to him.}

{Captain:} Are you out of your mind?

What are you trying to do?

{The monster advances towards Edge.}

{Captain: Run Edge!}

{A brief melee uncovers a beautiful girl.}

{Edge:} She’s beautiful.

{Captain:} Edge! Behind you!

{The monster poses for a final attack.}

{Captain:} The floor! Go for the floor!

{Edge takes out the floor under the monster.}

{Captain:} It’s not dead yet.

Let’s get out of here.


{Scene: Excavation Site #4}

{Craymen takes over the excavation site… and its contents.}

{A shot rings out.}

{Edge:} Captain!

{Zastava laughs manically. Rhua notices the emblem on the ship’s hull.}

{Rhua:} The Empire? Hold your fire… We’re on your side.

{Zastava:} Our side? Humpf, until now, that is.

{Craymen:} Zastava, leave them be. We don’t have much time…

{Edge:} Why?

Why are you attacking us…

And… there’s…

{Craymen:} You saw her?

{Edge:} Someone.

There was a girl.

{Arwen bludgeons Edge.}

{Arwen:} Lord Craymen. There’s no turning back now.

{Craymen:} Go, bring it to me. Hurry! The Command Fleet is on its way.

{Edge regains consciousness.}

{Edge:} What… they’re taking her? Damn!

{Come back… here…}

{Edge approaches the end of the bridge.}

{Zastava: Stubborn punk!}

{Zastava shoots Edge and he falls down the breach.}

{Craymen:} The surprise we left at the Capital will go off at any moment.

Now, on to the next phase…


{Scene: Imperial Capital, Grig Orig.}

{In the Empire, Craymen’s “surprise” catches the Empire off guard, but not the


{Narrator Text:} Meanwhile… The Capital of the Empire.

{A white flash engulfs the city.}

{Attendant:} In a blinding flash, our Capital was reduced to dust.

The Academy reported that the underground ruins were created with

technologies beyond our understanding.

{Attendant:} Emperor, what is thy bidding?

{Emperor:} It was Craymen! He did this to slow us down,

so he could go after the ruins.

Although he leveled our Capital, his tricks are nothing compared to

the destructive powers of the Tower.

If we control the Tower, we will control the world.

{Attendant:} Yes sir!!!

{Emperor:} Go after Craymen.

Crush him before he reaches the Tower.

Use the Flagship: Grig Orig.


{Scene: Beneath the Ruins}

{Edge regains consciousness within the ruins.}

{A mysterious white orb of light fuses with Edge, revitalizing him.}

{Edge:} …I’m …alive!?

{Edge:} …How!?

I’ve got to get back to the surface…

I’ve got to find my Captain.


{Scene: Canyon - Deep Gulch}

{Edge is attacked by a horde of monsters. Unfortunately for Edge, the gun he finds doesn’t seem to work. However…}


{Scene: Canyon - Deep Gulch}

{Edge sees a vision of things past and things to come.}

{After the vision}

{Edge:} Incredible…

{Edge:} You’ve chosen me?

{Edge and the Dragon fly to the exit.}


{Scene: Excavation Site #4}

{Edge finally finds the Captain among the ruins of the excavation site.}

{Edge finds the captain lying against some boxes.}

{Edge:} Captain!

{Captain:} You survived… I saw you fall…

{Edge:} Captain…

{Captain:} Go! Hurry!

They are heading north, along the valley…

Go after that man… Craymen…

before the Imperial troops arrive…

{Edge:} Craymen!?

Who… what is he!?

Even if we caught him, what could we do!?

{Captain:} Special Force of the Empire…

I’ve heard of a renegade officer who leads the Black Fleet…

I’m afraid… it’s him…

The Empire doesn’t like loose ends, if they find you here…

you’re as good as dead. Unless you recover that girl…

{Captain:} In… my pocket…

{Edge reaches in Captain’s shirt.}

{Captain:} Yes.

{Edge:} Captain, what is this?}


{Edge:} Captain!!

… Damn him…

Craymen will pay…


{Scene: Village of Cainus}

{Edge and Gash arrive at a decimated Cainus village.}

{Gash:} So they attacked here, too…

{Edge: Who attacked?}

{Gash:} This is the work of those monsters.

But why now…

{Gash:} I need to find out why.

We need to stay here tonight.


{Scene: Village of Cainus}

{Nighttime. Edge and Gash have a conversation in a camp fire.}

{Gash:} …Hmm. So that’s how you met your dragon…

{Gash:} …Among the seekers,

dragons are seen as Messengers of the Gods.

Of course, if there were Gods, these villagers wouldn’t

have been ripped to pieces in a feeding frenzy.

{Gash:} Well, the Empire seems to think that dragons have another origin.

To be honest, I don’t know who is right anymore.

{Edge:} Go on…

{Gash:} They believe dragons are demons that rose from hell

and left the Ancient Age in ruins.

Of course, oracles have foretold dragons ending the Empire’s reign.

Folklore can be twisted to trick people into fearing their saviors?

It’s so hard to know who or what to believe, don’t you think?

{Gash:} So, what are you going to do now?

{Edge:} I’ve got to settle a score. I’m after a man named Craymen.

He killed my friends.

{Gash:} Revenge, eh…

As good a reason as any.

Few people attempt to travel into the frontier…

and half of them are crazy.

(A pause)

{Edge:} Fair enough, why are you here?

{Gash:} Me? I’m not out to murder anyone.

{Edge:} That’s not fair…


{Scene: Village of Cainus}

{The conversation turns towards other matters.}

{Gash:} I’m searching for… someone…

known only as the Divine Visitor.

That’s how it’s written in the ancient records anyway.

{Edge:} Divine Visitor?

{Gash:} Sorry, but that’s all I can say…

That man you call Craymen, he’s heading for the desert.

{Edge:} What!?

{Gash:} Craymen lead the monsters

into the village.

{Gash:} Seekers always leave information for their own kind, even in their deaths.

{Gash:} My friend wrote me that message in his own blood.


{Scene: Above Georgius}

{In pursuit of Craymen, Edge arrives on the black fleet’s flagship.}

{Edge:} Craymen! Where is he?

{Arwen:} You fell for our trap.

He should be at the Tower by now.

You… I know you from the site…

You have done well, tracking us down.

But it ends here.

She will finish you.

{Edge:} She?

{An explosion.}

{Edge:} It’s her!


{Scene: Shelcoof, Georgius}

{Edge arrives on the Shelcoof, currently occupied by the Empire.}

{Edge:} An Imperial squadron!?

{Imperial Guard:} Hey! Don’t move!!

{The Guard calls out.}

{Imperial Guard:} There’s a spy!

{A chase ensues and Edge is accosted.}

{Imperial Guard:} Drag his body inside the ship. We’ll see what he knows.


{Scene: Imperial Ship}

{Edge finds himself in a room.}

{Officer 1:} Hey! Don’t pass out on me yet.

{Edge:} Are you deaf or stupid?

I told you we were attacked by Craymen too…

{Officer 1:} Don’t play games with me, you worthless hunter!

Craymen must be paying you a lot, eh?

{Officer 2:} Edge, my boy, you’ve got Craymen all wrong.

He’s a lunatic with a plan

to destroy the world with the

destructive force of the Tower.

{Officer 2:} …The Tower…

The legends say that it burned three continents in one night…

That is a power most safely controlled by the Empire.

Don’t you agree, Edge?

{Edge turns his head.}

{Officer 2:} So, you want to do this the hard way.

Too bad for you.


{Officer 1:} A lesser man would have talked…

Shall we send him to the flagship?

{Officer 2:} Wait… look at this.

{Officer 1:} What is it?

{Officer 2:} It’s Craymen…

It appears that he has gathered more information than we thought.

{Officer 1:} Then, he is already at the Tower?

{Officer 2:} No matter, we can still use ‘it’. Craymen will be dealt with.

Prepare the report for his highness.


{Scene: Imperial Ship.}

{Gash finds Edge in the interrogation room.}

{Gash removes Edge’s bindings.}

{Gash:} You look surprised to see me here.

Well, you’ll know why soon enough.

{He checks his watch.}

{Gash:} It’s time.

{After taking out the guard.}

{Gash:} There are rumors that the Empire is gearing up to finish this war.

I heard they dug up some horror from the past, so I came to check it out.

Never thought you’d be here… Can you stand?

You’re tougher than you look.

Let’s go!

{Edge:} Where… are we going?

{Gash:} We’ll get out through the deck. An old friend is waiting there.



{Scene: Uru at Sunset.}

{Edge encounters and defeats the Black Fleet at Uru. When he opens the gate to the ruins…}

(Maniacal laughter)

{Edge:} It’s you!

{More maniacal laughing.}

{Zastava:} Thanks for activating the Guardians of Uru!! It made my job easier.

Soon you’ll be reunited with all your dead friends.

{Still more laughter.}

{Zastava:} Imagine a kid like you hunting Lord Craymen.

Now, that’s funny!

I’ll be laughing… All the way to your grave.


{Scene: Black Ruins of Uru.}

{Edge and Azel are transported inside the ruins of Uru.}

{Edge:} It’s too high to climb…

I’ve got no dragon… Now what?

{A monster climbs onto a mound.}

{Azel:} Don’t shoot!

You’ll only alert them that food is near.

Pull the trigger and they’ll swarm you.

These creatures are blind.

Keep quiet, and they will go away.

{The monsters pass by Edge.}

{Azel:} Lower your weapon.

{Edge:} Come out slowly, then I’ll decide whether to lower the weapon or not.

{Azel:} I would have escaped, if I was… able to…


{Scene: Black Ruins of Uru.}

{Azel and Edge make a temporary truce.}

{Edge:} I can help you, if you’re willing to show me the way to the Tower.

{Azel:} The entrance is already sealed. I suggest you concentrate

on getting out of here alive.

{Edge:} What are you talking about?

{Azel:} The monsters are deadlier here than anything you’ve encountered before.

You can’t defeat them alone.

My legs are pinned, so I can’t escape on my own.

{Edge:} I’ll put the gun away, but when we get out of here,

I want some answers.

{Azel:} We don’t have any more time. More of those creatures are coming.

Quick, get me out.

There’s a power switch underneath. Press it, quickly.

{Azel:} Battle equipment… operational.

Synchronize it with your gun.

I will control the ship.

You deal with the monsters.

If you can control a dragon, you can handle this.


{Scene: Black Ruins of Uru.}

{A monster chases Edge and Azel down a hallway.}

{Edge:} Damn, it’s gaining on us!

{The two escape into the elevator.}


{Scene: Black Ruins of Uru: An elevator.}

{Edge and Azel converse.}

{Azel:} We’re safe now, this will bring us to the surface.

{Edge:} Are you sure they won’t follow us?

{Azel:} They never stray too far from their nests.

We’re safe now.

{Edge:} …I hope you’re right

{Edge:} Wanna bite?

{Azel shakes her head.}

{Edge:} I never asked your name.

{Azel:} It’s Azel.

{Edge:} Strange name.

{Azel:} It was inscribed on the bed where I awoke.

{Edge:} Bed?

{Azel:} The place where I slept for thousands of years.

…I am different from you. I may look human like you,

but internally, I am closer to the creatures we’ve been fighting.

Only my powers are different.

{Edge:} …Powers?


{Scene: The same elevator.}

More conversing between the two

{Edge:} Why did you attack me?

{Azel:} You stand in his way…

{Edge:} Why do you protect him!?

{Azel:} He is trying to save the world…

Return it to its former state.

I will not allow anyone who stands in his way to come near him.

{Edge:} You fool! He’s a lying murderer!

To gain control of the Tower, he killed my Captain and my friends!

Azel, he’s lying to you!

{Azel:} Perhaps, but he woke me from my eternal sleep.

That is why I defend him… I was at your excavation site.

{Edge:} I was sent by the Empire to defend the workers.

They were all good people… But as soon as you were found,

we were betrayed. Without warning, we were attacked by our own fleet…

And now I’m being chased by the Empire as well…

{Azel:} I’m sorry…

{Edge:} …What?

{Azel:} I am sorry. You are supposed to apologize at a time like this.

I was taught…

{Azel:} Let me ask, how do you control the dragon?

They are not creatures easily handled by ordinary men.

{Edge:} I’m not really sure… I think…


{Scene: The elevator.}

{The monster from the chase returns with a vengeance.}

{Azel:} It’s back!

{Edge:} This is bad…


{Scene: Somewhere in Uru.}

{Azel gives an ominous warning to Edge.}

{Azel:} Just stay out of his way…

{Edge:} What?

{Azel:} Or else…

we will… have to kill you.


{Scene: Zoah’s Liberal District.}

{Edge and Craymen meet again.}

{Craymen:} So, it is you…

I was surprised to hear that you are the dragon rider that

has caused me so much trouble.

{Edge:} That’s all you have to say?

If you remember me, then you must also remember what you did!!

You murdered everyone!!

{Craymen:} Edge, this is war. To save the world from extinction.

To obtain the key element, Azel… I needed to be ruthless.

It was the only option I had. Of course, the Empire has not given up yet.

I came to ask for your help…

Don’t shoot!!

{Edge:} Craymen!!

{Zastava retrieves Craymen and whisks him away. Paet enters.}

{Paet:} Are you all right!?

Damn, I let him get away…

They were from the Empire, right?

I knew they were up to no good.

I’ll bet he $#!t a brick!

Hey, what’s wrong, Edge!?

{Edge:} Oh, no… nothing. Nothing at all…



{Scene: Near Mel-Kava flight path.}

{Edge rescues Azel after defeating Atolm’s final incarnation.}

{Edge:} Azel! No!!!!

Just one chance…

{Grig Orig appears over Zoah.}

{Edge:} The Empire is here? What is that thing!?!

{Grig Orig fires the lightning weapon at Zoah.}

{Edge:} Those bastards…

Zoah… they’re all dead!


{Scene:} The Tower

{Edge hands over Azel to the Tower.}

{Craymen:} Place Azel in that compartment.

{Edge places Azel into the pod.}

{Craymen:} Step onto the light…


{Scene: The Tower}

{Craymen gives his opinion about the Empire.}

{Craymen:} Again, I am in your debt. Watch the screen.

Take a good look at death itself. The Flagship Grig Orig.

No man should wield such power…

That fleet, that Tower, it all belongs in the Ancient Age.

{Edge:} …What about you? What are you doing here?

{Craymen:} Come with me. I have something to show you.


{Scene: The Tower}

{Craymen explains the Tower’s functions to Edge.}

{Edge:} Water?

{Craymen:} The path to Uru.

…That is the purpose of these ruins,or what we call the Tower.

It creates a habitable environment for an already dead planet…

To this day, we’re protected by the power of the Ancient Age.

I’m sure you’ve grown to loathe the monsters.

They have a purpose. Essentially, they act as the

caretakers of the ecosystem.

Their actions, all, are to protect mankind from extinction.

{Edge:} They protect us!? What are you talking about!?

{Craymen:} Even in your short involvement with the Empire, you must have learned

Their actions are nothing but an endless waste of resources, war,

and death. …Even if the Tower restores the world,

the humans will just consume and destroy it again.

Someone, or something, must take control of everything.

Or we shall continue to destroy ourselves forever.


{Scene: The Tower.}

{Craymen talks more about the world and Azel. The Empire impregnates the Tower’s exterior, in a attempt to wrestle control from Craymen.}

{Craymen:} This world was constructed by the ancient ones as a delicate balance.

The Tower, the monsters, everything is interwoven…

Long ago there was dissension among the ancient ones.

After centuries of fighting,

…the warring factions built this.

It’s nearly impossible to destroy the Tower from the outside.

But it is possible to break inside, and take control of it.

Especially if the intruder was one of those monsters.

…Azel was the weapon created for that purpose.

The Emperor discovered this and searched for her. But I found her first.

Yes, she is the one.

I freed her from her ancient duty and gave her a new objective…

{Rumbling. A screen forms.}

{Edge:} The Empire!?

{Craymen:} They are trying to control as much biological technology as possible.

Those fools… They cannot even handle normal weapons.

They’ll never be able to wield such power…

But, there is no one left to stop them.

{Craymen:} You… are our only hope.

{Edge:} What do you want me to do?

{Craymen:} Nothing…

I merely set the stage.

You must fulfill your own destiny,

in your own way.

{Edge:} I…

I haven’t forgiven you yet.


{Scene: The Tower.}

{Edge finds that the control room is already compromised, despite his efforts to thwart the invasion.}

{Azel: It’s a trap!}

{Emperor:} Oh, you’re in for a real bad day.

Craymen, you’ll pay for your crimes.

As for the hunter,

there are some rather uncomfortable

experiments in store for you.

You can control the dragon,

I want to know

how to obtain such power.

{Emperor:} I expected no less from you, Craymen.

And now, you will die.

{Craymen is shot at by the Emperor.}

{Emperor:} At last…

The world shall be mine…

Open the gate, Azel!

{Emperor:} Now I control mankind’s future!


{Scene: The Tower.}

{Azel synchronizes with the Tower.}

{Emperor:} What was that…

{Craymen:} Azel… the Tower…


Your destiny…


{Scene: Seeker’s Stronghold}

{Gash gives Edge the heads up on the Seekers.}

{Gash:} You’re here. This way. I have something to tell you…

{Edge:} What about the monsters? And that Imperial Battle Fleet?

{Gash:} No need to worry.

My men are in position. We are always one step ahead of them.

{Edge:} Your men?

{Gash:} The seekers are a highly structured, but secretive group.

We have led the world to believe

we’re a band of tomb raiders.

{Gash:} I am the seekers’ new leader.

{Gash:} Surprised?

{Gash lifts his mask.}

{Gash:} No one would suspect a man like me to

lead anything. Deception is our way of life.


{Scene: A storage room in the Seeker’s Stronghold.}

{Edge finds out the Seeker’s purpose in being.}

{Gash:} Here it is.

{Edge:} Amazing…

{Gash:} Seekers have researched the Ancient Age for nearly two hundred years.

It wasn’t by luck that we met.

We cannot let a man with a dragon escape our grasp.

That is why we’ve been keeping an eye on you.

{Edge:} You plan to use me as a weapon?

{Gash:} That is correct.

{Gash:} Our only purpose is to destroy this Tower.

Craymen’s Tower was the cause of everything.

{Edge:} Wait a second. Just who… what are you people?

You told me that the seekers are an organization,

but what is your purpose?

I want the truth…

{Gash motions towards Edge.}

{Gash:} We will reclaim this world.

{Edge:} The… world!?

{Gash:} Yes. And for that purpose, we must destroy the Tower…

No, all of the ancient ruins.

{Edge:} Destroy the Tower!? But that’s…

{Gash:} …You heard it from Craymen?

{Gash:} He claims the Tower will restore this world.

If the Tower ran our lives, there would be no war.

But we’re not really living. Just being kept alive.

{Edge:} But…

{Gash:} Edge, do you remember the village we visited, shortly after we met?

{Edge:} Yeah?

{Gash:} We, the seekers are… the survivors of the villages

attacked by those monsters. Justice may not be with us.

But no matter what they call it, humans struggle to survive.

And we’re no exception. For us to be truly free…

{Edge:} You need Azel… huh?


{Scene: A storage room in the Seeker’s Stronghold.}

{The conversation is concluded between Edge and Gash.}

{Gash:} But that’s not all. To shut down the Tower, you’ll need him.

{Edge:} The dragon!?

{Gash:} The dragons ended the Ancient Age by terminating all of the active ruins and towers.

{Gash:} The ‘Divine Visitor’… is the dragon itself!

I want Azel to lead the dragon.

{Edge:} Will she ever wake up?

{Gash:} That, I don’t know.

But I’m sick of being kept alive by the ghosts of the ancient ones.

For man to control his own destiny, we need Azel.

{Gash:} Zadoc the Compiler knows the fine details. Listen to his story.

He should clear up everything.

I have other commitments to address. Treat this place as your home.

{Gash:} Edge, we need you. Please help us.


{Scene: Azel’s room, Seeker’s Stronghold.}

{Azel awakens from her ‘dream’.}

{Edge enters the room.}

{Edge:} How is she?

{Azel wakes.}

{Edge:} Are you all right? Were you having a nightmare?

{Azel:} Nightmare?

{Edge:} Did you have a bad dream?

{Azel:} I don’t understand…

I… killed…

{Azel:} …A dream?

I see… A dream…

{Edge:} You’re acting like you’ve never had a dream before…

{Azel:} Yes, it’s the first time.

I’ve never experienced it before…

…Where is he!?

{Gash:} He’s dead.

The monsters killed Craymen.

He died as part of his vision,

as part of the Tower’s cycle.

Food for the monsters you awakened.

{Edge:} Gash!

{Gash:} Don’t look at me like that. I’m not punishing her.

I just want her to realize who the real enemy is.

{A seeker enters.}

{Seeker:} They’re coming! Direction 07, 2500 rions.

…So many of them.

{Gash:} Who’s coming?

{Seeker:} Monsters… and Grig Orig, both.

{Gash:} All right, I’m going to the observation deck.

{Gash exits.}

{Azel:} I need to be alone… for now…

{Edge approaches the exit.}

{Azel:} Stop… wait!

…I …don’t even know your name.

{Edge:} I’m… Edge.

{Azel:} Thank you.

{Edge exits.}


{Scene: Observation Deck, Seeker’s Stronghold.}

{Edge finds Gash checking the newly infested Grig Orig’s situation.}

{Gash:} Their crew is being eaten alive…

I guess they couldn’t stop them.

…That ship’s deck is covered with monsters.

Everybody’s dead…

{Edge:} Then…

{Gash:} It’s out of control and it’s destroying everything in it’s path.

Right now, it’s a killing machine

and it’s headed this way.

{Gash:} Retreat to the second defense line. Hurry! There’s no time!!

{The seeker leaves.}

{Gash:} Edge, can I count on you?

We’re no match for that thing!

{Edge:} Isn’t that why you kept me here?


{Scene: A room in the Seeker’s Stronghold.}

{Gash resolves to abandon the damaged village. Azel and Edge decide to depart for the Tower.}

{Gash:} Our time here has ended.

We’ve got to abandon this base, and rebuild somewhere else…

Will you come with us?

{Edge:} What about the Tower… Sestren?

{Gash:} Without any fire power, what can we do? All is lost.

I can’t go after Sestren.

Protecting the people of this village comes first.

We’ve lost this time, but we’ll have another chance.

20, 30 years… If we’re lucky.

{Edge:} I’m going back to the Tower.

I know the dragon wants to go too…

If I go to the Tower,

I can lure the monsters away.

Gash, you’ll have time to escape.

When I’m gone…

{Gash:} Don’t do it!

Azel is still…

{Azel:} I’m going too.

I’ll guide you and the dragon to Sestren.

…I’m not risking my life because it was my duty

thousands of years ago. What Craymen believed,

and what these men say…

I don’t know which is true.

That is why, Edge…

I want you there with me…

When we find the truth about Sestren.

{Gash:} Do you remember the valley where we met for the first time?

{Edge:} Yes…

{Gash:} If you live through this,

meet me there. Please, try to be on time.


{Scene:} The Tower

{Azel links up with the Tower to open the gates of Sestren to Edge.}

Azel: It begins now.

I shall open the gate. Hurry, to the dragon…

{Edge:} Azel, what about you!?

{Azel:} I must stay here. There is much to do…

{Edge:} What do you mean?

{Azel:} When you leave for Sestren, I will destroy this Tower.

Sestren will not be able to escape.

{Edge:} I won’t let you. Azel, what will happen to you?

{Azel:} I am… the only one… that can destroy the Tower.

{Azel:} Hurry!

{Edge heads towards the dragon.}

{Azel:} …Honestly, I don’t want to be alone anymore… I love you…

{Edge:} I promise… I’ll come back for you! Please!! Please wait for me!!


{Scene: Outside the Tower.}

{The tower… is destroyed.}


{Scene: Sestren.}

{A vision.}

{Sestren:} Impurity detected…

Pursue at once…


{Scene: Sestren}

{Another vision.}

{Sestren:} Impurity located… Activate Shelcoof…


{Scene: Sestren.}

{A vision of the past.}

{Man:} Too many mutants are born these days.


{Scene: Sestren.}

{Yet another vision of the past.}

{Sestren:} Impurity near, eliminate it…


{Scene: Sestren.}

{More visions.}

{Sestren:} Impurity reacquired… Eliminate it once more…

…Activation of D Type 01… confirmed…


{Scene: Sestren.}

{Dragon:} Now, it shall end…

{Edge:} This voice… the dragon!?

{Dragon:} The will of the ancients… It is now with me…

The Divine Visitor must destroy me.

…That is why I have returned.

{Edge:} Aren’t you the Divine Visitor?

{Dragon:} I am not…

{Dragon:} I exist to lead the Divine Visitor,

to break the spell of the Ancient Age,

and to give humans control of their own destiny.

The only one who can free us is the one from the outside world.

{Dragon:} ‘(the player)’… You are the Divine Visitor.

Now, Divine One, the voyage that began,

when I tried to return the world into the hands of the people…

The duty that spanned

thousands of years, is about to come to an end.

Now… press the button,

…the soul who dwells inside Edge, ‘(the player)’…

For a new beginning.


{Scene: Sestren.}

{The end of destiny.}

{Dragon:} …Thank you,

we must go.

{Edge:} So, you were guiding me…

Then you must be the Divine…


{Scene: The Valley (the rendezvous point Edge and Gash agreed upon).}

{Gash holds his promise to meet Edge, but cannot wait longer.}

{Seeker:} It’s time…

{Gash:} I know.

{Seeker:} I’m sorry, but…

our food and water supplies are…

{Gash:} I know!

Tomorrow morning, we’ll leave.

Set up camp.

{The seeker rides out.}

{Gash:} A voyage without a destination…

Where are you, Edge?


{Scene: A desert.}

{The leader of the wandering Caravan consults a woman.}

{An’jou:} …You’re going west?

I advise you not to.

There may be fewer monsters,

but there are electrical storms.

You’d be committing suicide.

{Two children scurry by.}

{An’jou:} The person you’re looking for…

is he really worth risking your life?

{An’jou:} The two of you were from

the town of Zoah?

You’ve lived through that war…


{She mounts her Coolia.}

{An’jou:} There’s a village just beyond this desert.

Why don’t you come along? We can always use the help.