Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Manual (Storyline Related)

An unofficial fan translation.

This a translation of the “Omake” file, found only on the Japanese Panzer Dragoon Zwei disc in the OMAKE.TXT file. It features information about playing the game with a mouse, and how the scoring system works, amoung other things.



A glorious, proud civilization; extinguished for thousands of years…

Once mankind’s strength had disappeared, they now live in the twilight (of that age) threatened by the remodelled Living Weapons they themselves had created.

As the Ancient Age weapons were being excavated, rumours of war spread across the country. The people there live only for today and have no room for thoughts of anything else.

And so, events begin to unfold in a frontier village.

Lundi Jean Jaques

The hero. 14 years old.

He is a breeder of “Living Weapons”, the one person in the village with the task of training animals. While he is not good with other people, he does get some contact with the adult coolia breeders.

*Coolias are a two-legged riding animal, training them is extremely difficult.


Recently in the village a lot of mutated coolia have been born. The mutation can’t be stopped, nor can they be sold. They are seen as an ill omen, and are killed as soon as they are born, as is the law of the village. However, Lundi doesn’t follow that law. “Lagi” is his name, and this mutant possesses wings, just like the dragon of legend…

Ancient Age

On this planet ruins of an ancient civilization linger on. The era shrouded in myth, talked about in legends. Living organisms and machines working as a single unit. The ancient civilization creating “Living Weapons” as a kind of unmanned weapon. Currently, there are some “Living Weapons” that have lost their original function, gone wild, and evolved into different beings.


The Empire. Within their territory they have ruins being mined for research, successfully reviving today relics from the Ancient Age.

That military strength is related to the perfection of using the flying battleships, able to cover ground at high speed and provide gun support. One by one, new weapons are being developed, increasing their influence.


The confederate countries of Meccania hold the power of the southern part of the continent, in opposition to the Empire. They are researching the Ancient Age with great haste. By adjusting an engine from the Ancient Age, this small southern country has been able to successfully restore a torpedo (optical) weapon.