"After Sestren Function Stop"

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An unofficial fan translation.

This text comes from page 145 of one of the unofficial Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG guide books (the one with the map on the cover). It explains what happens to Sestren after Panzer Dragoon Saga.



Due to Edge’s actions, Sestren was destroyed, and the Towers functions stopped. However the massive change to our bodies has not occurred.1 So far the Towers purification functions are still having an effect - in the air, in the earth, some of it still lingers.2

Still, as a by-product of several thousand years of purification, it’s thought that vegetation and micro organisms with the ability to purify the atmosphere and earth have been generated.

However, during that event Azel only destroyed a part of the Sestren network that controls the Towers, and it is possible that multiple copies of Sestren continue to operate [the Towers].

In order to confirm that, we continue our inquiries in every part of the continent.

From now on, mankind will protect life in a different way from the past, the production operations are over.

With that, life on this star still continues, never giving up.


  1. Might make more sense if I translate the previous sections, or if I get some Japanese lessons. :) 

  2. To clarify, I believe this is talking about the Towers functions still effecting the world around them, rather than that there are functioning scraps of Tower still about. Personally, if I was writing this in “proper” English, I’d use something like “…some of its power still lingers”. 

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