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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

An elusive people rumored to live in the borderlands of the Empire. Often seen riding upon worm-like Baldors, the people of the land have dubbed them “Wormriders.” However, they are also sometimes called, less lovingly, “Bug Herders.”

Although not many details are known about their lifestyles, researchers know that these people often live in environments normally too harsh for most humans. In fact, these people have learned to live in relative peace and harmony with the bio-engineered creatures they cohabitate with. Their culture and view of the world differs greatly from those of the Empire.

Where the Empire is constantly trying to destroy the bio-engineered creatures to make the world safe for human expansion, the Wormriders believe that people can exist alongside these creatures, and sometimes, even benefit by domesticating some types of creatures. This has led most Imperials to look down upon the Wormriders as primitive and disgusting.

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