The Ruins

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Constructs left behind by the Ancient Age that were uncovered by people in the modern world. Especially worthy of note are the “Towers,” enormous monoliths of ancient technology that were actually active until quite recently. It was believed that the Towers were some sort of environmental control system, or perhaps even weapons.

However, at around the same time as the Great Fall, most of the Towers, as well as most of the ruins, became inactive and are nothing but tombs. There are still a few active ruins that continue to produce bio-engineered creatures, or cause natural disasters that are capable of leveling whole cities. These disasters are believed to be caused by malfunctions within the Towers themselves.

Though the ruins are constantly raided by bandits and grave robbers, there seems to be a nearly endless supply of ancient relics within their cold walls. However, due to the fact that most ruins are heavily guarded with built-in security systems, it takes a group of highly trained, well-equipped explorers to properly excavate a ruin.

Pure type creatures are most commonly found within the confines of a ruin, since they are closest to their actual manufacturing points. And even though the Academy has studied the ruins a great deal, most of the ruins secrets still remain shrouded in mystery.

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