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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

A military state that has rapidly expanded along the western coast of the continent, primarily by taking advantage of excavated weaponry from the Ancient Age.

The previous Empire dissolved in a series of events-the death of the 7th Emperor, destruction of the imperial fortress Grig Orig, and the obliteration of the Imperial Capital-often referred to as the Great Fall, and the continent was plunged into chaos, ruled by several small, warring powers. But even amidst the destruction, the Imperial Academy survived, with its accumulated knowledge intact.

And several decades after the Great Fall, the military power of an immigrant race from across the southern sea served as the key to the re-establishment of the Empire. The 8th Emperor, said to be a descendant of the Imperial bloodline, served as the symbol of imperial continuity, and the armies began the task of reunification under his name.

Once the western coast was once again under the imperial rule, a new Imperial Capital was built atop a huge site of ruins from the Ancient Age, and the mass influx of the chosen people began. Helped in part by the large amounts of Ancient Age resources found in the ruins that supported the new capital, the new Empire soon grew to rival its once-lost glory.

For the people of a continent ravaged by the constant wars and natural disasters that followed the Great Fall, the revival of a strong and technologically advanced Empire was a welcome development. Many groups flocked to the Imperial banner, to swear fealty in return for protection.

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