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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Humanoid bio-engineered creatures that were produced during the Ancient Age. Many non-functional drones have been recovered from excavation sites at ruins, but a few functional samples have been miraculously discovered.

Theorists believe that the drones were developed in order to perform dangerous tasks that the Ancients did not want to perform themselves. Therefore, the assumption is that drones were used in battle, and producing armaments, as well. It is from this purpose of labor that they have been given their name.

And although drones have been known to exhibit advanced intelligence and are composed of flesh, there have only been a few documented cases in which a drone actually shows human-like emotions or will. Researchers have also discovered that not all drones were created equal. The drones were created in separate classes, depending on their abilities.

The higher-end drones were thought to have been created to interface with biological weapons, or various technologies of the Ancient Age. It is known that Azel, who was “kidnapped” from an Imperial excavation site by the traitor Craymen during the Great Fall, was of this type of drone.

Some variations of drones are nearly indistinguishable from real humans. Some records show that there were whole tribes of drones living in the borderlands during the years before the foundation of the Empire, pretending to be human.

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