Bio-tech Weaponry

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

A military device, specifically designed to nullify the offensive capabilities of bio-engineered creatures, and deal fatal damage to them. For the Empire, combating bio-engineered creatures was of utmost importance.

The Empire had been nearly destroyed on numerous occasions but by such creatures, including numerous instances of attacks by dragons. For this very reason, the Imperial Development Department within the Academy has concentrated the majority of its resources and top scientists on the development of these technologies.

Currently, there are several types of weapons that have already been implemented on the battlefield, and have proven quite useful against the bio-engineered creatures that roam the land.

Among these weapons, the “Anti-Optics Alloy” was developed to nullify bio-luminary attacks, and the “Genetic Shell” was a ballistic round that was developed to specifically target the genetic structures of the engineered creatures. Although some have succeeded, other weapons have failed or the research was cancelled.

Among these, the “Sonic Stunner” that supposedly would stop the circulation of energy within its target, and the “Artificial Sun,” which emitted thermal rays.

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