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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

A production facility that produces armaments built around the basic principles of genetics from the Ancient Age. It was excavated from deep within an ancient ruin, and now floats above the landscape, powered by massive Float Engines.

Previously, it was thought that only plants and animals contained genetic materials, but as research on the Ancient Age and its technologies continued, scientists soon realized that the manipulation of genetics was the very foundation for all ancient technologies.

Upon discovering this great revelation, the Academy concentrated all of its efforts into understanding genetics and learning how to manipulate them. With the excavation of the Bio-Reactor and a deeper understanding of ancient technologies, the Empire was able to create its first bio-genetic creature: the dragonmare.

However, the activation of the Bio-Reactor requires “drones” to operate it. Drones, or genetically engineered humanoid creatures created by the Ancients, were designed to be able to directly interface with the ancient technologies.

It is rumored that the drone Abadd, who helped with the creation of the dragonmares, escaped the Empire immediately after finishing his research. The Empire is said to be desperately searching for another operator to reactivate the Bio-Reactor.

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