Bioluminary Oscillator

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Another remarkable characteristic of the dragon is the bio-laser, with the ability to track and destroy enemies. It is thought that the laser is a dense stream of highly-charged energy, with pursuit speeds that make evasion all but impossible.

Visual records of battles between a dragon and Imperial forces clearly show a green, glowing organ in the dragon’s throat. Using this organ, called a bioluminary oscillator, the dragon can convert energy drawn from throughout its body into a stream of blinding light, and expel it from its mouth as an Arrow of Light.

Prior research on the subject indicates that the number of bio-lasers a dragon can launch simultaneously is directly linked to the body length of the dragon. From this, we can hypothesize that the dragon’s entire body acts to generate, amplify and store the lasers’ energy.

Once feared as the lightning of divine punishment, the Arrow of Light is slowly beginning to reveal its secrets to researchers at the Imperial Academy.

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