Bio-Engineered Creatures

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Any variation of combat-oriented creature created by the Ancient Age, or any descendant of such a creature. They often have soft tissue covered in a solid exoskeleton, but sometimes, bio-engineered creatures may also have cuticles growing from pores within the flesh.

The armor plating of these creatures makes them highly resistant to harsh environments, while their genetic make-up allows them to spit balls of highly potent acid. Furthermore, most bio-genetic creatures seem to be taken over by bloodlust whenever humans are encountered.

Researchers have categorized these creatures into two types: “pure types” and “mutated types.” Pure type specimens have characteristic white shells and are often reminiscent of geometric shapes. These are often found within ruins, or along the borderlands of the Empire.

It is believed that most of these pure types went into a sort of hibernation after the Ancient Age, but are capable of springing to life at any notice. It is also believed that pure types were developed to be autonomous combat units capable of great amounts of regeneration. The other species of bio-engineered creatures is the mutated type.

They have adapted to their environments, and are therefore more varied in appearance and structure. This is due to their highly adaptive natures, and the evolution that has occurred over many generations. They are found in almost any environment from wooded areas to deserts, mountains, and even near human residences.

Mutated types also appear more distinctly biological than their pure type cousins. The bio-engineered creatures sport a wide variety of weapons ranging from gravitational control, optical flares and lasers, shock waves generated by supersonic sounds, electricity generation, acidic saliva, spines, stingers, toxic breath, and so on.

And of course, the exoskeleton of bio-engineered creatures is nigh impervious to most kinds of conventional weapons. Even though the humans have found strength in numbers and have banded together to form an Empire, it does not change the fact that these biological weapons are still far superior to many of the forces that the Empire can muster.

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