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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

This is a newly developed dragon type, designed and grown within the Empire’s very own Academy. A biological weapon with endless offensive capabilities and nearly infinite vitality, it shares all the strengths of bio-engineered creatures. Only six prototypes were created using the Bio-reactor, out of which, only five were actually deployed in combat.

The whereabouts of the final and sixth dragonmare are currently unknown. The various abilities of the dragonmare far surpass any other armament that the Empire currently has in use. While it is flesh and blood, the dragonmare’s body is covered in a solid armor-like plating that has remarkable regenerative capabilities.

They are also capable of generating viscous balls of mucus that are projected from the creatures’ mouths at extremely high temperatures. The mucus is also capable of denaturing the proteins within other bio-engineered creatures and have proven effective against such enemies.

Aside from those more exotic abilities, the dragonmares are also capable melee fighters, using their enormous tails and claws to render flesh and rip apart stone and steel just as easily. The slightly grotesque and misshapen figures of these dragons is what earned them their name, which means “distorted dragons.”

It is said that the dragonmares, though they be vicious and terrible in battle, lay perfectly still and silent when not in the midst of action. Some say that perhaps the dragonmares are not truly alive. Seeing the beasts rest, one can understand where such rumors come from.

The Empire has been nearly destroyed on numerous occasions by dragons, and a fear and hatred of the beasts has been embedded into the psyche of the people. It is an interesting twist of fate that the Empire should, in turn, research how to create such creatures to use them to combat other dragons. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” the head of the research within the Academy was once heard saying.

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