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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

The Cavalry is the pride and joy of the Empire. Consisting of a mere 5 units, all 5 units are a dragonmare and a rider. They are transported to the combat area by the Empire’s most powerful carrier airship and released. After the dragonmares complete their objectives, they will return either to the carrier, or directly to the base as ordered.

Do to their intense destructive capabilities and their small numbers, the Cavalry is often used to spearhead attacks upon enemy strongholds, pinpoint attacks against key strategic areas, or for special operations that require only a small number of forces to inflict maximum damage upon the enemy.

Although their limits are yet to be tested, the dragonmares are thought to be capable of wiping out entire small countries just by themselves. The cavalrymen who controls each dragonmare rides in a special harness, fastened to the back of each creature. The riders’ bodies are fully encased in protective armor, but their heads are given full mobility to be able to see in all directions.

Although the dragonmares are controlled by their riders, in the situation where a rider is killed or disabled, the dragonmares are capable of acting autonomously to a limited degree.

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