Imperial Academy

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

An academic research institute directly under the control of the Emperor, this center of knowledge used the technologies uncovered from ancient ruins and war strategies derived from ancient manuscripts to strengthen the Imperial Armies. The Academy was also in direct control of all experimental research funded by the Empire.

The Academy covers many areas of expertise, ranging from natural sciences, medical sciences, and even economic studies. The Academy boasts such great accomplishments as the rediscovery of ancient technologies, which were a complete mystery to man a mere hundred and a few years prior to the establishment of the Academy.

The secrets of the revolutionary Float Engine, as well as the mysteries of genetics were all uncovered through ancient technologies, and bought great reform to the Empire. It is rumored, though, that the scientists studying top secret materials for the Empire are confined to their research quarters, and are not permitted from ever leaving the confines of the Academy.

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