Mutated Monsters

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Mutated types have evolved in order to adapt to their environments, and as a consequence, are often not nearly as well-armed as their pure type cousins.

And although they lack the ability to enter hibernation and the awesome regenerative powers of the pure types, mutated types will have organs and extremities designed primarily for catching and eating food, and they also have sexual organs that allow them to breed. Mutated types also often have many self-preserving features that can be found in natural animals.

These mechanisms are thought to have developed out of the necessity to preserve the longevity of their individual species, and can vary from color-changing abilities to blend in with their environments, or even extravagant color markings on body parts to attract mates.

All of these adaptations that the mutated types have acquired brings up a perplexing question: have the mutated types “un-evolved”? It appears that they are forgetting their initial purposes as weapons and are slowly becoming more and more like the natural organisms of the world, in contrast with the pure types who do not fear death and serve only to destroy.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know the truth. Perhaps this is how the world was destined to be. Only time shall tell, and even then, the answer may not be known until humans are long gone from this world.

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