Pure-type Creatures

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

The generic form for bio-engineered creatures found inside ruins, and in the borderlands surrounding the Empire. They have very inorganic looking features, and often do not have biological external organs, such as eyes, mouths, etc. It is believed that they were created as autonomous sentries of sorts, whose sole purpose was to defend the ancient ruins, before they became ruins.

They are usually in a dormant state, almost as if hibernating. However, if a human approaches, these creatures will spring to life and will not cease until destroyed, or their targets are destroyed. These creatures are also highly photosynthetic, therefore do not require any sort of digestive organs.

Most pure types remain exactly the same as they were first designed, and are living testaments to the awesome destructive powers of the technology of the Ancient Age. Pure types are also sometimes referred to as the “original species.”

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