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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

A dragon best known for its battle against the ancient cruiser fortress “Shelcoof.” Sightings of this dragon predate those of the Blue Dragon. Five different stages of self-evolution were observed, and it displayed mutational evolution to reflect combat experience.

Its body surface, which began as a blackish brown, gradually turned to a blue color, indicating a developmental pattern which could potentially culminate in the physical form represented by the Blue Dragon. “Lagi” was the name given to it by Jean Jacque Lundi, the Dragon’s young rider.

Lagi was originally born as a mutant variant of a Coolia, an ordinary beast of burden, but as it was raised by Lundi, it began to show its abilities as a dragon. Perhaps its beginnings in life as a Coolia affected the dragon Lagi, for it is said that it demonstrated a strong bond with its rider, almost similar to friendship.

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