Panzer Dragoon II Zwei "Omake"

An unofficial fan translation.

This a translation of the “Omake”1 file, found only on the Japanese Panzer Dragoon Zwei disc in the OMAKE.TXT file. It features information about playing the game with a mouse, and how the scoring system works, among other things.


Bonus Section 1 About the Strength of Your Equipment

In fact, this game can be played with a Mission Stick or Shuttle Mouse (To tell the truth, even with **).

It can be especially convenient to use the mouse too. Maybe it is better than the pad, don’t you think? For your convenience, these are the mouse controller settings.

View Change (Left)
View Change (Right)

It does get better, too. When you press A and C at the same time, it recognises it as X, and berserk mode is activated (this is because of the lack of buttons). By all means try the mouse, it’s good, don’t you think? It may take time for a person to appreciate it (do you think that’s a lie, too?)

~ Programmer Yasukamone

Bonus Section 2 About Screen Indicator FULL Mode


When the option screen Screen indicator mode (INSTRUMENT MODE) is set to FULL the following information is displayed

  1. Score
  2. Boss Time
  3. Direction of danger
  4. Knowledge of forks in the route

About Scoring

Please refer to Bonus section 3.

About Boss Time

Simultaneous when the battle with the boss starts, the countdown starts also. To get maximum points you must do your best so that the time stays above 60 seconds. Bonus section 3 has more detailed information.

About Direction of Danger

The on screen radar will change to display yellow and red zones now. The strength and numbers of the enemy are judged automatically, with the radar divided into four areas which change colour in response to the danger. Quick reaction to the direction of the enemy interference will be useful.

Knowledge of Forked Routes

When passing the position of a fork, that path is displayed so that you have the knowledge to locate that route. “Route 1” is displayed on screen next to the score. “Route 1” is the standard route, to get the route bonus you should not concern yourself with this route. Please use this guide to get the highest points.

~ Unkopurii Yori

Bonus Section 3 About Scoring


This is an outline of the Automatic Dragon and Enemy Control SYSTEM. In other words, if a good person is having difficulty the system will adjust itself.

Normal Score Calculation

Normal shot, lock on laser, berserk laser drop, score calculation is increased.

  • NORMAL SHOT SCORE = (Enemy strength value) x (shot rate =2) x 10
  • LOCK ON LASER SCORE = (Enemy strength value) x (number of simultaneous lock ons) x 10
  • BERSERK LASER = (Enemy strength value) x (berserk magnification=1) x 10

Boss Time Bonus

Bonus points are awarded for boss battle time. The countdown varies for each boss, with the remaining seconds x100 as the standard points. Except in cases where there are more than 60 seconds remaining then 10000 bonus points are awarded as well as the standard points. And, the degree of difficulty also contributes to the boss time bonus.2

Boss time less than 60 seconds
BOSS TIME BONUS = (boss time remaining (seconds)) x 100 x (Difficulty)
Boss time more than 60 seconds remaining
BOSS TIME BONUS =10000 x (Difficulty)

Boss Time Bonus Beginning Value

150[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 4500[frame]
120[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 3600[frame]
180[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 5400[frame]
150[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 4500[frame]
100[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 3000[frame]
180[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 5400[frame]
120[sec] x 30[frame/sec] = 3600[frame]


  • SUPER HARD rank=5 x 3
  • HARD rank=4 x 3
  • NORMAL rank=3 x 2
  • EASY rank=2 x 2
  • SUPER EASY rank=1 x 1
  • ULTRA EASY rank=0 x 1

Hidden Bonus

Each route has a hidden bonus. Score is multiplied by the degree of difficulty. Please try to search for these.

~ Programmer Shin


  1. Note by GlitterBerri: Omake means “bonus” 

  2. I could not get this sentence to work for the life of me! I’d love some suggestions for it.