Panzer Dragoon Random Extras

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This page covers a few extra hidden things in the original game like the hidden Sega logo and a way to make the dragon commit virtual suicide.

Credit goes to the excellent Japanese site Panzer Dragoon Academy for some helpful clarifications regarding the information on these pages.

In addition to all of the cheat codes and unlockable extras in Panzer Dragoon, there are a few other odds and ends that are probably worth mentioning; they’re detailed in this section.


Die Instantaneously

At any point during gameplay, you can press A + B + C + L + R simultaneously to make yourself die straight away.

On a PC keyboard, you’ll need to press X + V + B + Z + C.

On an Xbox controller, you’ll need to press A + B + Black + L + R.

Clear the Pause Screen

When the game is paused, you can press X + Y + Z simultaneously to make the on-screen text disappear, which is pretty convenient for taking screenshots.

On an Xbox controller, you’ll need to press X + Y + White. Note: This doesn’t appear to work in the PC version of the game.

Examine the Sega Logo Character

When the Sega logo character appears during one of the intro sequences, you can press X + Y + Z + Start simultaneously on a second controller to enter an odd viewing mode, where you can examine the logo character’s 3D model. Still using the second controller, the available actions are:

  • Press Up or Down to zoom out or in
  • Press Left or Right to rotate the view about the z-axis
  • Press X or Y to alter the lighting
  • Press A + Left or A + Right to rotate the view about the y-axis
  • Press A + Up or A + Down to rotate the view about the x-axis
  • Press A + B + C to reset the image

When you’re finished, press Start on the first controller to exit.

In the PC version of the game, you only need to press A + S + D to enter the viewing mode when the Sega logo man appears. The other buttons translate to their normal equivalents on the PC keyboard.

Note: This little oddity doesn’t seem to be implemented in the Xbox version of the game.

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