Panzer Dragoon Additional Moves

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The section covers some useful moves that you can apply to the dragon in the heat of combat. If you're having trouble with this game, but don't want to cheat, this is the place to look.

Credit goes to the excellent Japanese site Panzer Dragoon Academy for some helpful clarifications regarding the information on these pages.

Although the gameplay of the first Panzer Dragoon game is quite straightforward compared to its sequels, there are a few extra moves that aren’t mentioned in the instruction manual.


Rolling Attack

Whenever your health gauge is so low that it flashes red, you’ll be able to perform a roll: while facing forwards, simply double-tap one of the diagonal directions on the d-pad. This might not seem particularly useful, but if you hold the shot button down to use your homing lasers during a roll, you’ll find that you automatically lock-on to all the enemies in sight. If you alternately tap different directions on the d-pad, you can essentially roll constantly, and thus you can unleash continuous waves of lasers at any nearby enemies if your timing is good enough. (Presumably this move evolved into the “berserk” attacks of the later games.)


If you tap one of the directions on the d-pad while facing forwards, then quickly tap that direction again and hold it down, your dragon will very quickly lunge that way; this can be extremely useful for avoiding the projectile attacks that various enemies and bosses shoot at you.

180 Degree Turn

If you press L + R simultaneously while facing forwards or backwards, the camera will turn a full 180 degrees instead of the usual 90. (If you do this while facing left or right though, the camera will just turn so that it faces forwards.)

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