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This guide is to inform on how Stephan Dolby managed to defeat the various enemies in the game, whether they were in squadrons or solo. All enemies are present in this guide.



Imperial Forces
Craymen Forces

Disc One

Excavation Site #4

Pattergo / Pattergen (M) - These are the first enemies in the game. They fly as a group of Pattergos or include a Pattergen. Without a Pattergen, just use lasers. With her, use the gun to take her out and then lasers on the rest. Getting an Excellent! rating at the start is pretty random; you may start out flying in front of them.

Baldor (M) - Use lasers; if in front, move to side to minimise damage. If to the side, move behind and use lasers when they move behind you (although once in a while the lasers attack both Baldor at once. This is not very helpful if your dragon is not too powerful, as you may need 3 attacks, because the next attack will more than likely target a single Baldor). Chain Laser is decisive. Note : Baldor mainly appear in the Valley, only occasionally appearing in this section.

Canyon Deep Gulch

Magnata / Gelata Urchins (M) - Keep to their sides and use lasers on their fronts when they turn to you. Take out the Magnata first. Chain Laser is quite effective; it usually takes out the Magnata first.

Baldor Queen (M) - Use lasers on abdomen. When Baldor face you, move round her back and shoot her again. A good tip is to kill a Baldor then move behind her because this will delay her attack as she has to hatch another Baldor. Phantom Slashers are effective, but only if their power exceeds two standard attacks, otherwise there’s no point using up your BP.

Arachnoth (M) – She’s stupid, but powerful. Get behind her and fire lasers, then wait until she faces you and move behind again. You should be able to charge up pretty quickly, but only if you are quick to move. When her energy bar starts turning orange she will get enraged. Move to her side to force her to charge. She will knock herself silly and you’ll have enough time to fire off up to 4 lock-on laser or gun attacks. When the red bar starts to appear, an Energy Prism may yield over 900 hits and kill her off (this sometimes works, but the normal damage will be about 350 hits).

Garil Desert

Nanyd Swarm (M) - Nanyds protect their queen. Use your gun to shoot her down and scatter the swarm. If you don’t see a queen, a Holy Sphere is necessary, and will kill the queen even if she’s there. If you start out in front, get to the back as quickly as possible.

Stryders (M) - You are safe anywhere but behind. Charge and use lasers on their behinds or a Holy Sphere. When accompanied by Nanyds, a Holy Sphere is needed (or a Blast Chip should you have one). The horned Stryder is the Stryder Hunter, and are the dangerous ones because they can paralyse you, allowing the Stryders to attack.

Additional tactic – When fighting a group of Stryders accompanied by Nanyds, if you do not want to use any berserker powers or get hurt, my advice is to use lock-on lasers. If you hit one of the Stryders, it will fall, and the Nanyds will not attack until the wounded Stryder rejoins the group. If you start from anywhere but in front of the pack, this is a great tactic. All the while, you’ll be picking off the Nanyds as you use your lasers, thus reducing the threat.

Lathum (M) - This is a huge steam and slime mountain. If you shoot lasers from the correct side the weak point will appear, but that section will immediately become a danger area. If you use a berserker attack, the weak spot will be shown but the entire radar will go red and the damage will be negligible. Shoot bullets at the weak point and stay in the clear areas on the radar. If the Lathum shifts its mucus, merely repeat.

Note - The right-hand side of the Lathum is often the correct place to attack, with your lasers, in order to reveal its weak point, but when the spot goes red, so will that radar section, so move.

Hoppers (M) - Go where none are facing you and shoot any weapon at their weak point on their rear. They tend to move anticlockwise but can be unpredictable. Reposition if needed.

Pludger (M) - Get behind and shoot your gun at its weak point; this will kill it outright and scatter the Nanyds.

Gigralyph (M) - Charge fully, and shoot it, then charge again. After three hits, it summons the Gigra. Charge fully and use any weapon to get rid of the Gigralyph, but charge fully every time to get a head start on the Gigra, which promptly swallows it up should it, or its smaller cousin, get badly injured.

Gigra (M) - It has three different states.

Hunter (Mobile Form) - The weak point is its jaw and you are safe from behind. Make it move. When it initialises a quake, raise a shield chip. It will then assume its defensive form, provided you don’t clear the energy bar before it does. In that case, it will assume its Complete form.

Fighter (Defensive Form) - It hides its weak point with its wings. Just shoot one of them, from the side, with your gun, and shoot its weak point before the other wing can cover it. The only safe point is behind as the clear areas around his sides are now red.

Swift (Complete Form) - The Gigra is desperate for escape and replenishes its energy but despite its improved attacking abilities it is more open. A few gun shots to its jaw will finish it off. Try to stay in front of him and use a shield; this will boost your rating drastically, because his Spears attacks are useless.

Garil Desert revisited (after killing the Gigra)

Sand Mites (M) - These are rare creatures that live next to the cliff walls but can only be found when the level is completed for the first time. Behind them you are safe, but let them move and use lasers on their fronts. To locate them, look around and when the radar goes yellow, they’re close. There are four locations – above both of the destroyed ruins, and at the south-east and south-west corners of the clearing (i.e. near where the entrance to the cave is).

Forbidden Zone

Lazara (P) - This is the first ‘pure’ creature. Just fly behind them and attack the large one (normally on the left) with your gun. This will kill it and drop the shields. Also, they won’t attack or move, so you can leisurely finish them off. They also include Lazara Hunters; these are the large ones that erect shields.

Lazara Skimmers (P) - Half of these stay underwater. Use the Lazara tactics, but you can stay behind them for ages. Use lasers on their fronts, and wait until the others surface and repeat. Berserker powers will not penetrate water, remember that! The large one, the Lazara Skimmer, takes more damage, so use the gun. If the first wave are the weaker ones, the Lazara Hammers, killing them will immediately tell the others to surface.

Craymen’s Elite Guard (C) - This is the Craymen fleet’s first appearance. The Elite Guard is basically a pair of Punishers. Stay behind them. When they move, wait until they activate their mines and move behind again. A spiritual-level Cleansing Wave is great, but make sure you have some power bars filled for the next battle.

My tactic is to have an Agility-class dragon, with a balance of 200 Agility and 198 Attack, before the fight. Charge all the bars and cast Swift Wing to speed the gauge up, then change the dragon’s configuration very slightly so it is an Attack-class dragon (200 Attack, 198 Agility for example). This way, you can keep the gauge that would have gone (if you move more than 3 units as you morph, a gauge will go, but 2 is fine. An A-Pad is the only way to do this). Now charge to max and cast Assault Wing so your lasers are more powerful. This will really work well on the Flagship. Now, all you have to worry about are the Punishers…

Craymen’s Flagship (C) - Stay behind until he loads the mine, wait a couple of seconds then move to the sides and fire lasers. It would be prudent to be an attack-class dragon at this point but it depends on how much charge you have from the last battle. After he fires the mine, move behind to avoid his tracers. He can have two armed at a time, so when he retreats to the clouds, stay behind or in front and make him move, and use lasers (if you have used my tactic above, you’ll have no problems). When he flies back up, repeat the procedures I have laid out. A spiritual-level Phantom Slashers will be very effective, and Wraith Slashers if you have raised your dragon’s level high enough.

Atolm (P) - Keep to his sides to minimise damage and force him to move. His weak point is his tail. An attacking configuration is very useful here, as it is Assault Wing. When you are fully-charged, move behind. When Azel says ‘Ne-Rai’ (‘rain death on him’) move to the front. Alternatively, if you have two gauges, use a Vengeance Orbs shield and move to the rear to reflect Atolm’s Berserker Rage back on him!!!

Disc Two


Lazara Hunting Group (P) - Stay to their side and use a spiritual-level Cleansing Wave or a Dual Blast Chip. Lasers may take too long.

Hellions (P) - These are annoying to say the least. A spiritual-level Cleansing Wave is ideal. Don’t let them retreat behind the rock; they’ll be safe there. You’ll have to move and thus lower your rating.

Gunship (I) - The first Imperial ship is towing the Guardian Dragon. Stay in the clear areas and use spiritual-level Wraith Slashers – this will finish the battle straight away. He will probably have time to attack so a shield may be useful. When its red energy bar is almost gone the dragon will destroy it.

Guardian Dragon (P) - Stay to the sides to minimise damage. Its weak point is inside its ‘plate’. To open it I think you need to get the energy bar into the light green area (I can’t confirm this). A spiritual-level Wraith Slashers is useful. When it opens the plate, move behind and sniper the weak point. When it charges the Berserk, stay where you are. You can’t escape it. Kill it quickly to avoid this.


Lumid Swarm (M) - Use the same tactics as with the Nanyds but a Cleansing Wave is required. Watch out though – in the evening, the groups tend to consist totally of queens, so you should use a higher power attack, like a spiritual-level Cleansing Wave.

Dracolyth (M) - These are identical to the Lumid Swarm really. Use a Cleansing Wave. Alternatively, lasers are quite effective. These are quite rare creatures.

Annihilator (C) - Stay out of the way of the gun. If it moves towards you, wait until it is just about stationary and move. Its weak point is on its front. When it powers down the Reaper and prepares the rockets, if you stay away from its front you will have ample time to charge. The sniper is brilliant on the weak point. If Infernos are in front, a Judgement Day spell will clear them. Spiritual-level Wraith Slashers are very handy, especially to get rid of the unprotected Infernos and do significant damage to their big friend.

Rogues (C) - They are fast but simple. Keep to their sides and make them move. A simple Blast Chip will remove them. Alternatively, Tri-Burst will take three out at once if you fire at their weak points from behind.

Punishers (C) - See Craymen’s Elite Guard. If they are accompanied by Rogues, don’t worry. They are just wing-men, and wing-men don’t fire unless what they are guarding is destroyed.

Neo-Stryders (M) - These are identical to Stryders. They also feature Neo-Stalkers; these creatures are the dangerous ones. Like their Stryder Hunter compatriots, they can paralyse their prey, while the Neo-Stryders do the attacking.

Drenholm (P) - Take out his engines with lasers to separate his parts. Get behind him and focus fire on his weak points. The Tri-Burst is the best weapon to use. If he freezes you with the Eye Beam make sure it is here. If he deploys Lightning Needles, use a Free Action and move out of the way.

Atolm, orbs (P) - Take out the orbs with a spiritual-level Armageddon, should you have it, or just use two Judgement Day attacks. Now, the battle is the same as before, although Atolm is much stronger. If the orbs return, repeat the process. As before, a speed chip and a power chip are invaluable. He also uses a Lightning Storm spell so watch out – the radar will go all red so that’s the time to get a shield up.

Note: enemies rarely appear at night, but your radar will not detect them either, until you are attacked. Territorial enemies like the Dracolyth and the Neo-Stryder do make the radar go yellow however. They live in an approximate E-W line a little north of the start of Uru: Sunken Southern Ruins.

Underground Ruins of Uru

Eggs (M) - The large ones are blue and then small ones green. Use your Tri-Burst to destroy the large eggs and then the lasers to destroy the green eggs. If the green ones hatch, they’ll become Mutant Hoppers. If the blue ones hatch, they’ll become Luciches. But if you hit the wrong eggs, don’t worry too much. As long as one colour vanishes quick, you can deal with the other colour safely.

Mutant Hoppers (M) - Use lasers on them. When with Luciches, destroy the Luciches first. If the hoppers mutate they’ll become the more-powerful Mutant Fliers.

Luciches (M) - Use your Tri-Burst on them. When with Mutant Hoppers, destroy these first and then the hoppers. If the Luciches mutate they become the more-powerful Winged Luciches. Remember that Luciches are a lot more powerful than the Mutant Hoppers, so the Winged Luciches are therefore more powerful than the Mutant Fliers.

Mutant Fliers (M) - The same tactics as with Hoppers but they are more powerful.

Winged Luciches (M) - The same tactics as with Luciches but they are more powerful.

Slime Feeder (M) - Use any weapon on them. These are always accompanied by Mutant Fliers, so either move around to keep away from them or use a Blast Chip. A blast chip causes DOUBLE damage for the Slime Feeder and as such one will end the fight quickly.

Note about mutants - a blast chip is great. It always works. Especially with the Slime Feeder.

Absorbora (M) - Use your Tri-Burst to deflect their tails, and then use your lasers to destroy them gradually without suffering damage.

Energ (M) - Use the tactics you used for the Absorbora, but keep away from the red area on the radar.

Basilus (M) - It wants revenge for you destroying the nest, and has the Energ sat on top of it. Stay in front and move back there if it moves; use a spiritual-level Armageddon to wipe out the Absorbora. Wait until it moves in front of you and then focus your sniper fire on the weak point on its tail. It keeps moving so move with it. If it calls some Absorbora reinforcements, merely go round the front and repeat the above process.

Disk Three

Uru revisited

Kolba (M) - These are rare creatures and live in a bunch of trees just south-east of the Tobitama nest. Use a spell like Armageddon or Lightning Storm to make their day a real misery. There are two squadrons present every time you visit Uru in the daytime, and you should just fly around to fight both lots. They’ll attack before you leave their airspace.

Underground Ruins of Uru revisited

Absorboracs (M)¬ - These are rare creatures that are found only at a south-eastern junction of B5F, or on the downhill slope in B3F East (more conveniently found here). Similar tactics to Absorbora, but you must be quicker; there is a bomb which can cause serious damage, and the Absorboracs move sometimes to reposition it unless it is moved often, meaning that you need to shoot them with the gun again.

Imperial Assault Post

Instigator (I) - They are just patrol ships with no weapons. Lasers will cause them to signal larger enemies, so use a blast chip.

Enforcer (I) - Staying in the red area may seem suicidal, but it is called for here, because their more powerful weapon takes longer to charge. In this time, you can charge up a powerful spell, like Armageddon.

Missile Cruiser (I) - These are slow ships that can’t really be much of a threat, and have a man dangling from them! Stay from the fronts and use a Judgement Day spell, or use your gun on the area between the upper two missiles (just keep pressing left or right and you’ll eventually select it).

Stingers (I) - These are identical to Rogues. Both dodge lasers but can be sent to their graves with a blast chip. Alternatively, you can target their rear weak points with your Tri-Burst.

Behemoth (I) - It eventually catches you up. Immediately raise a shield and get a speed chip activated. The ship has a weak point, being the engine at the bottom, but only on one side of the ship, so you need to locate this weak point quickly (go right as soon as the fight starts and you’ll be in position). You will be able to deactivate the cannon temporarily if you shoot the side of the ship where the windows are (go right again from where the weak point is), giving you ample time to charge.

When the energy bar is gone, the ship will ready its Disintegrator weapon. Charge and shoot lasers at the weak point WHEN the armour is open. A power chip would be really useful, and an Attack configuration is very effective.

Plasma Cannon (I) - They traverse the walls and attack you should you try to fly over them. Stay out of the way of the cannon and unleash a Plasma Vortex spell.

Warships (I) - These are amazingly rare, and are real tough nuts. Use Enforcer tactics.

Battlecruisers (I) - These, like Warships, are also amazingly rare. Use Enforcer tactics.

Deathmaker (I) - To start, destroy the side-mounted engines with lasers. When the radar goes red after you hit them, move to a clear area to minimise damage, and move back when you can. When the engines are destroyed, force the energy bar down to approaching light-green, and the craft will take to the skies. A Plasma Vortex may prove very useful here. You should really fight as a spiritual-level dragon and use a power chip to augment your lasers.

When it takes off it leaves its weapons behind. Hit it with any weapon, but note that it then uses rotating blades to deflect lasers and shots so use a Berserker attack during this time period or charge up until the rotating blade stops, and then hit it again.


Drones (P) - Use your High Vulcan gun part on the drone which is not able to deflect your shot, then move to the green area, charge and fire at the other drone. If you use a Berserker or a chip and fail to defeat them then the drone facing you will reflect the damage back on you.

Scavengers (P) - These are very fast but can be taken out with a single spiritual-level Judgement Day.

Plasma Spider (P) - It charges up an Incandescent Light attack which is very powerful, so raise a shield. However, if you have Dragon Phoenix by now then you can take it out in one blow. Plasma Vortex is also useful.

Auto Defense System (P) - Also recognised as a reactor, this controls the shield to the Photon Cannon and must be taken out. Its weak point is immune to shots so lasers are best used, but only when the armour is open. With speed and power chips you shall have few problems.

If you stay in front of its weak point too long it will use its Light Particle Laser attack on you, so shoot and move. To add, it may use a Status Clear to get rid of all enhancements you may have. Its intelligence allows for sentient thinking and it will adjust to cope with different situations if you don’t kill it quickly.

Photon Cannon (P) - A ‘living cannon’, this creature is quick to move. Stay in the green area (where its weak point is located) and shoot that with your sniper gun. 4 or 5 shots should be enough. When it spins around, fly behind it to avoid the powerful Photon Blast. A shield here would be very useful if you don’t feel confident about remaining unhurt.

Atolm, Orbs II (P) - Just after Mel-Kava is destroyed, Atolm intercepts you for the final battle. He carries an ancient weapon which fires a Hell Storm attack. Fly in front of him and then to the side, wait until he has used his weapon, and then fly in front and sniper his weak point to deactivate the weapon so you can have a few turns to shoot him. If you are of a high enough level, Dragon Phoenix spells will be very effective in helping destroy the weapon.

Atolm then fights like he did before. See the tactics for Atolm, Orbs. This is the last encounter, as you kill Atolm.

Imperial Air Force

Flagship Grig Orig (I) - A horrendous machine. Immediately raise a shield chip. It attacks relentlessly. A real Godsend is the Dragon Phoenix. In spiritual configuration you can manage nearly 7,000 hits. Without this, you have to wait until it opens its turrets and shoot into them with your sniper, but remember that you must keep enough charge left to raise a shield if the previous one fails.

Spectre (C) - Zastava challenges you to a fight, but if you are a spiritual dragon you can take him out with a Dragon Phoenix or a Berserker Rage. He dodges lasers.

The “Tower”

Skiff (I) - It is always accompanied by Infernos (Pyros). Use a Cleansing Wave to get rid of them and shoot the frontal weak point with your sniper gun. If you shoot it first, the Pyros will escape.

Pyros (I) - These are virtually identical to Infernos, but move to counter the enemy rather than stay in formation. Use a Cleansing Wave attack. Also, Tri-Burst is useful to target their rear weak points if you find that easier.

Marauders (I) - These have side weak points but if you use a spiritual-level Armageddon then you won’t need to worry about weak points.

Raiders (I) - These are better-armoured Stingers. However, they do not Blitz their target but use toxic gas on enemies to their side to limit the charge to one synchronicity bar maximum.

Exterminator (I) - This is the Imperial Transport Ship. Stay behind and above it to charge, and use a speed chip. The weak point is to the front so fire your sniper gun there but remember that a shield is vital so that you can keep your position there and not get hurt.

Level 2 attack mode is more aggressive but the same tactics apply.

Disk Four

Forest of Zoah

Arangata (P) - These are huge creatures which are indestructible unless you deactivate their ‘roots’ in the forest below. Their weak point is their face and you should use your Pulverizer to get most hits in. You may be able to destroy it in one shot if your dragon is of a high enough level.

Glide Dragons (P) - They are basically hard Dracolyths, and are savage, but very easy to kill. Get behind them and wait until they move behind you, and use lasers on them. If your dragon is level 45 or above, and Arm-Wing or above, it will have an easy time.

Infested Grig Orig (P) - When it discharges the Tallons, it leaves an open hatch and if you can find it shoot it with the Pulverizer. A shield would be very helpful here.

When it readies the cannon, stay to the side. After it fires, move in front and use the Pulverizer on the weak point, then move out of the way. When the limiter is activated, raise a shield and let it draw you in front of it. After it fires, let off a volley of Pulverizer blasts. This should get rid of Grig Orig fairly quickly.

Golia Tracker (P) - This is a simply massive creature which is amazingly rare. It flies, with the aid of a “machine” which it grabs with its fore-claws, in the vicinity of the cocoons of Naga (the radar goes yellow, so fly around in this area for a while and you’ll fight it). It is mistakenly named Golia Hunter, and is the boss of Episode 3 in Panzer Dragoon Zwei. You are safe behind it but it will move behind you very quickly. Raise a shield if you need to, and use a speed chip. Fire your Pulverizer at either of the front weak points. If you have an Assassin, you need perfect timing to land the shot because the gun only fires one shot and the Golia is constantly moving up and down. Lasers are also very good, but the Pulverizer is best if you don’t have a high-level dragon or you don’t have an Attack-level configuration.

Golia Hunter (P) – Mistakenly named as Golia Tracker, this beast is also extremely rare. It flies around over the sparse areas of tall vegetation of the Forest (on the map there’s a large clump of vegetation near the eastern-most cocoon of Naga - that’s a place where it can be found. You know that you’re in the correct place if the radar goes yellow in a small area and birds fly from the canopy as you approach). Despite sitting on its hovering “machine”, and therefore looking more able to attack you than the hanging Tracker, you can defeat it using the same tactics. In fact, the Tracker gives more experience points. Do remember that the Assassin limitations still apply, and you need to be perfect with your timing.

The “Tower”

Twin Guardians (P) - These are psychically linked, so attacking one will kill the other. Get behind one of them and target your Pulverizer at the one which says Anti-Shot. This is merely a smoke-screen because your gun is great here. A few shots will kill it, and his mate along with him. You may need a shield.

Scorpitaras (P) - When you trip the Tower’s alarm system, these come after you. You have plenty of time to target each one and use your current shot weapon to send them to their graves.

Sentinel (P) - If you fail to reset the traps properly this beast is freed. He may look tough, but use the Scorpitaras tactics and he’s dust.

Battle Droid (P) - This is basically a super Sentinel. Keep a shield up and use the Pulverizer on him.


The Anti-Dragons (P) - These may look menacing but they are pretty simple. Use the exact tactics as for the Battle Droid. When fighting the Anti-Eye Wing, keep the gauge up to replace your shield when you lose it. You might be able to dust the Anti-Basic Wing dragon without using a shield.

Sestren (P) - Form number one is Sestren Exsis. Activate speed and armour chips. Charge to max. and access each orb with your lock-on lasers, then charge. When you’ve seen all five movies and realised what Sestren has been up to, you begin the fight as he turns into Sestren proper.

Despite what you might think, shields aren’t totally useless here. Keep in the green area and charge, forcing him to move you. Shoot his weak point with the Pulverizer, and get out of the way. If he uses a Through the Heart manoeuvre, he’ll destroy the shield but you’ll only get moderately damaged. Likewise, when he unleashes the Ghost Dragons, you must keep out of the red area or they’ll attack with the aforementioned move, but only one will get through the shield, inflicting the same damage as before.

If you inflict enough damage, he will turn into Sestren Morphic and will start hurling objects at you, notably Mel-Kava and Shelcoof. A shield will repel all damage and stay up. Keep enough charge to replenish the shield at will and use Dragon Phoenix to kick him into next week. There is a chance that he may use a Psychic Field to clear all enhancements you may have. However, I’ve noticed that when you have a shield up at that moment your speed chip’s effects remain for a little while, ample time to replace it and re-activate other chips that you may want to use. He is pretty easy so I won’t bore you with alternative tactics.

Version History

Initial Tactics
May 1998
Version 0.9
21 November 1999
Version 0.9a
01 February 2000
Version 0.9b
17 August 2000
Version 1.0
5 February 2015

Converted from Word document on The Panzer Place to a webpage on The Will of the Ancients (Panzer Dragoon Legacy) on the 5th of February 2015.


You are authorised to copy and distribute this guide, and you can change the contents if you think a tactic of yours (or many tactics) work better than mine. These are just my opinion. Yours may be different.

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