The Heresy Rider

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Could the Sky Rider have been occupied by the same entity as Lagi? Here are details, you decide for yourself.

The Heresy Program, for the want of a better word to describe the renegade dragon AI, possessed a baby coolia, which quickly grew up/evolved into a dragon in the care of the first dragon rider. Lundi named the “creature” Lagi and though possessed, Lagi acted, and felt of his own free will. Imagine the results of the Heresy Program downloading itself into a baby human. Is it even possible? There’s no doubt in my mind. A human stands a greater chance of surviving, has a superior intellectual capacity and would make a perfect dragon companion. If the Heresy Program occupied a person at the same time it occupied a coolia (i.e. when Panzer Dragoon Zwei began), that person would’ve become an adult by the time Lagi swooped to the skies again in Panzer Dragoon (18+ years later). The Sky Rider could’ve been… the Heresy Program itself, simply in yet another form. The Heresy Program is said to be separated into different parts working as the same whole; just how many biological parts can the program host at once? If the Sky Rider was a human host for the Heresy Program, it would explain why the Sky Rider wasn’t the dragon’s first rider (obviously, he needed to grow up). The rider would still have his free will as Lagi did but he’d feel driven to destroy the Towers. Along the same line of reasoning, if the Heresy Program could merge with a human, then harbouring itself in a drone isn’t out of the question either. Further proof lies below.

The blue white light a mutant coolia emits...

The blue white light a mutant coolia emits...

Here we see the raw unadulterated Heresy Program, a huge four-limbed black starfish-like creature, releasing a trail of blue-white (green) energy particles shortly after being wounded inside Sestren. It plunges out of Sestren’s tunnels and into the outside world; finding a host quickly becomes its top priority. Keep your eyes on those green particles, because it is crystal clear to anyone with eyes that can see that the Heresy Program is more than a mere 3 dimensional being, but something else entirely capable of shaping and reshaping biological entities. Ask yourself why we never see the Heresy Dragon’s true form in the actual physical world outside Sestren. Now like I said, keep your eyes on those green particles that scatter like dust in the winds and sprinkle to the ground for this won’t be the first nor the last time you will see them… an ominous light someone once said. an ominous light someone once said.

Here is the cutesy baby Lagi. The only difference between him (yes, Lundi refers to Lagi as a he) and a regular coolia is the blue-white energy glowing on his throat and of course a pair of wings. As if anyone could forget that. I needn’t go into detail about the energy patch, but it’s important to know that it powers the dragon’s arrows of light (disruptive energy bursts). It is painfully obvious that something has further mutated this mutant, not by accident, but by design.

The Sky Rider's own heretic light.

The Sky Rider's own heretic light.

The blue-white energy is the exact same colour in both images, and as such confirms the Heresy Program’s existence within Lagi. Does that mean all the mutant coolias the Elpis villagers were slaughtering were infested by it too, but killed before they could grow? Who can say?

The green particles spiraling out of his wounded body suggest that the Sky Rider and the Heresy Program were one and the same. A heresy rider so to speak. He builds a telepathic bridge with Kyle more vivid and crystal clear than any vision the dragon can bring to bear. But like the dragon, he can communicate telepathically. He utters words throughout the mind link, which lessens any ambiguity, unlike the dragon’s visions that by rule tend to be abstract.

Was he a mutant human hosting the Heresy Program, then, or likewise a drone? Could it be we were never told the Sky Rider’s identity because it wouldn’t make sense? Because we wouldn’t understand? My questions are interminable indeed, aren’t they? No matter. We crave answers because we do care. I love figuring out the mysteries, however.

Sidenote: This article was intended from the start to explore an insane possibility. In other words, I wrote it in jest. Basically, I wrote it as a joke. No harm done, right? Whether you wish to give it any serious consideration or not is entirely up to you. >:)

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