The Wormriders' Den

The village of the Wormriders was referred to as a ‘den’ by Mobo. It was shown to players in a full motion video sequence, following the third episode of Panzer Dragoon Orta.

The Wormriders had managed to settle on the back of a giant lathum. This lathum was significantly larger than the lathum encountered by Edge in Panzer Dragoon Saga. The vast creature may have allowed the tribe of humans to create a settlement on its back since they are not in continual conflict with the monsters or perhaps found the Wormriders too small to be concerned about them.

Amongst the volcanic vents and oozing slime that covered the creature, there was a surprising number of living organisms. Nanyds patrolled the outer edges, scavenging for the remains of the worms, which the lathum digested. However, past the steam and slime a wide range of vegetation grew, with a clear blue stream flowing down the centre of the creature. The Wormriders had built a sturdy village by the waterside consisting of oddly shaped rock-like formations, almost like shells. Into these white structures, doors and windows had been carved, and the insides turned into Wormrider homes. The Wormriders had somehow adapted to what was considered an almost unbearable smell, caused by the fumes which the lathum emitted. In the words of Gash, “that horrible smell”.

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