The Sea of Ash

Extending through the Li Vis area in the northwestern region of the Continent, the Sea of Ash was all that remained of what was once a city of the Ancient Age. It is the location of the third episode of Panzer Dragoon Orta, ‘The Fallen Ground’. As its name suggests, what covered the desert was not a layer of sand, but ash. The weapon used to destroy the city must have been an incredibly powerful weapon of the Ancients, as only a few scattered ruins remained.

During the events of Panzer Dragoon Orta, Orta and her dragon fly through a series of broken, horizontally placed tunnels in this area, which were protected by a series of bio-engineered pure-type monsters that were capable of releasing electric charges, aimed at disabling the nervous system of intruders. This suggests that the inhabitants of the city wanted to protect themselves from attacks of airborne bio-engineered monsters. Whether or not these tunnels were originally vertically placed isn’t clear.

The entrance to an underground area.

The entrance to an underground area.

There are several openings in the ground of the desert area that lead to a complex underground structure. Again, bio-engineered creatures that release electric charges guarded the area. The crater that served as an entrance had its edges pointing outwards, which suggests that the force that destroyed the city may have originated from underground and violently erupted through the ground at the surface. Perhaps the enemy was unsuccessful in attacking the city and ultimately used a weapon that could destroy the city in one devastating explosion.

The underground structures consisted of huge pillars that go all the way down to unexplored depths. Lots of smaller pillars are placed horizontally, perhaps to reinforce the entire structure. However, there is no sign of any plateaus on which settlements could have been built. The exact purpose of this place remains unknown.

Just before the battle with the catharp, Orta and her dragon flew over a broken bridge that holds markings which we have seen on other Ancient structures. The bridge ends just above a gigantic crater. According to Panzer Dragoon Orta’s encyclopaedia, this area is known as the Epicenter. The forces that destroyed the city were concentrated in this point. The fact that there was a bridge means that there must have been some sort of ravine there even before the attack happened. Perhaps this was the main entrance to the underground section, which would explain why the attack happened there.

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