The Glacial Plains

Situated in the northernmost lands of the Continent, this area froze over at the same time the Ancient Age ended. It is the fifth episode of Panzer Dragoon Orta which mainly consists of a wounded dragon running across the snowy landscape, as opposed to flying. The dragon was severely wounded by Evren’s dragonmare self-destructing in the skies above, and crash landed in the Glacial Plains area below. After being reunited with Orta, the girl whom he was protecting, the dragon set off across the white landscape on foot, using the tips of his wings for support.

The landscape was for the most part filled with snow and ice, but towards the sea (or perhaps lake) a number of impressive ruins were situated. The ruins consisted of pillars that reached into the sky and showed remains of a number of plateaus that were built around the pillars. A part of the Ancient city appeared to have been flooded, as the body of water that Orta and her dragon flew over contained partially submerged ruins. It is unclear which civilisation built these structures, but the ruins had a striking resemblance to the ones players see in the very first level of the original Panzer Dragoon. For this reason it seems likely they were built around the same time, but whether or not the civilisation that built them also built the Towers remains unknown.

Partially submerged ruins of an Ancient city.

Partially submerged ruins of an Ancient city.

The bridge that spans over the body of water was damaged, but Orta and her dragon could still run over it. When a mutated monster called an els-enora tried to destroy the bridge to stop Orta and her dragon, the bridge withstood the energy blasts fired by the creature, and only collapsed when the els-enora rammed into the pillars supporting the bridge, again showing just how solid these constructions were. The dragon’s wings healed just in time for him to take to the sky once more and avoid plummeting into the water. Orta and her dragon defeated the els-enora above the surface of the water, although it was finished off by the drone Abadd who arrived on the scene at the end of the battle.

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