Rhoda was a young girl who lived in the Holy District of Zoah. She was the daughter of Quitor. Rhoda had lived most of her life, perhaps all of it, in the town of Zoah. Due to her sheltered life, it appears that she had no memory of the world outside of the Holy District. Indeed, she outwardly wondered to Edge what could be found on the other side of the wall. Rhoda was taught by her mother to hide if any outsiders came into the Holy District. However, Rhoda was an inquisitive child eager to make new friends. When she encountered Edge she told him that “my mommy told me to hide if any outsiders come. That’s why I play hide-and-seek!”

Rhoda of the Holy District.

Rhoda of the Holy District.

Rhoda was a lonely child, and welcomed Edge’s company. She gave Edge three Zaal Nuts as a gift. These nuts were worth 1,500 dynes each. She later gave Edge the Aronak Unit which she got from her father. The Aronak Unit was an Ancient music box that played tunes from Panzer Dragoon Zwei and showed holograms of several dragon forms from that game. Rhoda’s fondness of Edge might have been linked to her desire for more children her age to play with in the Holy District. While Edge was older than Rhoda, he was closer to her age than most of the adults in Zoah. According to Rhoda, the reason why their were few children in the Holy District was because the gods had said that the residents could not have any more children.

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