Radgam was an elderly hunter who lived in Zoah’s Liberal District. He believed that a hunter’s main focus should be to protect human settlements from monsters. Radgam did not believe in sitting around to die and maintained his hunter ways into old age. He wanted to die in battle as he believed a real hunter ought to.

Radgam believed that Zoah was full of cowards. He told Edge that he used to hunt with many others, but that they were all gone except for himself and one other. This one other was Aldo, another resident of the Liberal District. However, Radgam told Edge that he did not believe Aldo would be good in a hunt “in his condition”. He thought Aldo would be no use.

Radgam did not think it was a good idea to get involved with the Seekers.

Before leaving Zoah, Radgam asked Jared, Zoah’s shop keeper, to fix his gun. However, Jared believed that Radgam was too old to fight.

Towards the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga, Radgam left Zoah and arrived at Excavation Site #4. However, he was killed by monsters, dying a hunter’s death like he had wanted. Edge took the large gun from Radgam’s corpse, believing Radgam would have wanted a hunter to have it.

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