Quitor was a resident of Zoah’s Holy District. He had a wife and a young daughter named Rhoda who both also lived in the Holy District.

Quitor previously resided in the Liberal District before he was granted residency in the Holy District by Paet’s father, Viaman. Although Quitor was bound by the religious restrictions of the Holy District, he often snuck into Juba’s bar in the Liberal District for a drink. Quitor’s job appeared to involve being a trading the blessings of the forest with the folk living in the Liberal District. He could be found often near the entrance of the Liberal District selling the harvest from the Forest of Zoah. However trading with outsiders was illegal and he is under close watch by the council. Quitor justified his actions by calling trade with the outside a “necessary evil”. He wished that the council would consider trade with the outside as he did not know if they could survive otherwise. When Edge is granted permission to enter the Holy District, Quitor gives him money in exchange for him not telling Viaman about being in the Liberal District.



Quitor has voiced his dislike of hunters and would not do deals with them. He also did not approve of Edge disrespected the high priest and siding with Viaman. However, he is convinced to vote to Viaman over the high priest Damon if he is given permission to trade with the outside world. In return, Viaman expected Quitor to give him a large donation.

When Viaman prophesised that a dragon would appear, Quitor believed that the people of Zoah would have nothing to fear even if the Empire attacked.

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