Crimson Dragon: Side Story

Crimson Dragon: Side Story
Grounding Inc
Windows Phone 7
Side Scrolling Shooter
Release Date
September 12, 2012

Crimson Dragon: Side Story is a side scrolling shooter for Windows Phone 7. It was released on September 12, 20121. Using the touch screen interface, players can target enemies and control Sana and her dragon, White Reaver, as they journey through side scrolling 2.5D levels. The game features two modes, Story Mode and Mission Mode. In Story Mode, players experience five worlds interspaced by story sequences which consist of text and static images. In Mission Mode, players take on remixes of the Story Mode stages at varying difficulty levels. Crimson Dragon: Side Story also features a number of additional features including unlockable skills, a jewel currency system, GPS tracking, achievements, and leaderboards.

Crimson Dragon: Side Story is set in the same world and timeline as Crimson Dragon. The story focuses on a dragon rider trainer named Sana and her dragon White Reaver who were sent on a special mission to investigate a mysterious pandemic called “Crimsonscale Disease”. The disease was wiping out human colonies, and Sana was sent to investigate a dragon named Dark Phantom who was thought to be a carrier of the disease. Destroying any infected creatures who stood in her path, Sana set off in pursuit of Dark Phantom and the truth about his role in the Crimsonscale outbreak. The game ends with the words “To Be Continued”. Crimson Dragon implies, but does not confirm, that Crimson Dragon: Side Story takes place during the events of the Xbox One title.


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