Aldo was a man who worked in the Liberal District of Zoah. He hoped to become a member of the Holy District if he worked hard enough. However, he was not willing to let anyone help him with his work because he did not want to share his pay. He complained that the crops he worked with belonged to the Holy District and that he would have to buy them again with his pay, thus giving it all back to them.

He had once worked together with Abner, a gatekeeper of the Holy District, to collect ship parts which they delivered to Paet. However he stopped collecting the parts, believing that it was not worth it anymore to travel halfway across the Continent to collect a handful of dynes.

Aldo appeared to have had a drinking problem. He told Edge, “You’d better leave this town, if you don’t want to become like me.”

Aldo appeared to be self-focused, being primarily concerned with his own personal goals. He did not understand why hunters risked their lives to make a living.



Aldo was once part of Radgam’s crew, however after the two of them were ambushed he could still see his friends being ripped to pieces by monsters when he shut his eyes. When Edge told him that he made a bad decision by quitting, Aldo became angry. However he forgave Edge later.

After Radgam died, Edge revealed to Aldo the death of his former hunting partner. Aldo acknowledged Radgam’s death but did not seem upset.

When the Imperial troops arrived in Zoah, Aldo told Edge that he would not leave town and would wait until the troops were gone. He told Edge, “It’s easy to stay but it’s hard to leave.”

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