Zastava was a member aboard Craymen’s Black Fleet. He wore a mask, perhaps to hide his identity from the friends and family of the people he had killed. He is remembered by fans of Panzer Dragoon Saga for his ruthless personality and maniacal, psychotic laugh.

In the introduction to Panzer Dragoon Saga, Zastava murdered Edge’s Captain and Rhua by shooting them. He did not hesitate and had to be told to stop killing people by Craymen otherwise he would have shot Edge as well. Later when Craymen is no longer present to restrain him, Zastava encountered Edge who had regained consciousness after being knocked out by Arwen and was determined to chase after the Black Fleet. Zastava told Edge that he was a stubborn punk and shot the unarmed boy who fell backwards off the bridge into the chasm below.



Edge next encountered Zastava when he arrived in Uru. Zastava laughed at Edge and thanked him for activating the guardians of Uru, which he hoped would finish off Edge to make his job easier. He did not hesitate from mocking Edge, telling him that he would soon be reunited with all of his dead friends. He said that it was funny that a kid like Edge would hunt down Lord Craymen and that he would be laughing all the way to Edge’s grave.

When Craymen spoke with Edge in the Liberal District of Zoah, Zastava picked him up in his ship before Paet or Edge could get a shot at Craymen.

When Edge finally confronted Zastava, he was piloting the Spectre, a fast and agile ship in Craymen’s fleet. Zastava was Craymen’s best pilot and according to defeated enemy data for the Spectre he could dodge “virtually any missile attack”. However, Edge was able to defeat Zastava and obtain his revenge on the murderer of his friends.

Amongst the ruins of Zastava’s ship, Edge found a note written by Craymen that requested he come with Azel to the Tower or she would never regain consiousness. At the top of the letter, Zastava had left a scribble, written before Edge defeated him. It appears that despite his psychotic nature he did have some concern for the greater good and believed in Craymen’s cause. He wrote that if Edge was reading the letter, then he was the better warrior and that it was his dying wish that Edge met with Craymen at the Tower. “The two of you”, he wrote, “can save this world.”

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