The People of Elpis

The people of Elpis were residents of the village of Elpis, a settlement in the southeast frontier of the Continent. It appears that the villagers lived independently of Meccania, as Panzer Dragoon Saga’s Dragon Book 1 describes an envoy from Meccania coming to Elpis to purchase a grown coolia. When the Empire mentioned Elpis in their Ship Report, they did not say whether Elpis had been acquired as Imperial territory, so it is possible that the people of Elpis were an independent faction like the residents of Zoah.

At least some of the people of Elpis raised coolias for a living. The Ship Report mentions that Elpis contained a coolia breeding farm. Jean Jacque Lundi and his family worked on the farm, raising coolias which were then sold. It appears at least some of these coolias were sold for the purpose of being used as meat; after one was purchased, Lundi remarked in his diary that he had to “clean up the dead Coolia’s remains”.

The villagers of Elpis kill a mutant coolia.

The villagers of Elpis kill a mutant coolia.

Some of the coolias bred by the people of Elpis contained a glowing blue-white light in their throats. These coolias were put to death straight away by the villagers, rather than farmed. It was believed by the villagers that this “ominous light” was a bad omen. Furthermore, no one would buy them, and they apparently could not be tamed. In Panzer Dragoon Zwei’s introduction, one of the villagers remarks that too many mutants were born these days, suggesting that the number of coolias containing the mutation had increased. The villagers went as far as to formualise the killing of the mutant coolias. Lundi states in both Panzer Dragoon Zwei’s introduction and in his diary that it was the village’s code to “destroy the mutants”. However, unlike others in his village, Lundi did not believe that the blue-white light would bring harm to the village.

The scripture of Elpis described a dragon, as did the legends that had been passed down by the villagers. It is unclear whether the villagers had actually seen a dragon, since the Heresy Dragon had not be born at this point in the history of the Panzer Dragoon world. The scriptures and legends may have been based on events going back as far as the Ancient Age; however the origin of the myths told by the people of Elpis is not revealed.

Elpis was destroyed by Shelcoof in Imperial Year 72. At least one resident of Elpis, Jean Jacque Lundi, survived the attack. Panzer Dragoon Zwei does not reveal whether there were any other survivors. When Lundi explored the remains of his village he found nothing but ruins. His dream of riding the dragon of legend had come true, but Lundi wrote that “the villagers had paid for it with their souls.”