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Mercenaries were hired to guard Excavation Site #4 by the Empire up until and during the introduction of Panzer Dragoon Saga. The Empire had been desperately searching for something amoung the ruins from the Ancient Age, an operation which the director of the site had been involved with for twenty years. The mercenaries, captained by Edge’s Captain, guarded the digging operation.

Although the mercenaries were working for the Empire, it is unclear whether they were actually citizens of the Empire or merely allied themselves with whomever they could get work from. Rhua, one of the mercenaries on Edge’s Captain’s team, was sceptical of the Empire, telling Edge that it was safer to not question the Empire. “The less you know about the Empire, the better off you are”, he told the boy. “Asking too many questions will only get you killed.” The Empire did not set out to deliberately reveal much to the mercenaries. In the mercenary Captain’s diary, he wrote that when the Empire failed to find what they were looking for, the mercenaries were left in the dark.

One day Edge, who had been fostered by the Captain of the mercenaries, discovered an Ancient drone buried in the ruins. Shortly afterwards, Craymen’s Black Fleet invaded the excavation site and killed two of the mercenaries, Rhua and the Captain. Edge was also shot, but he survived and chased after Craymen, determined to get revenge for the death of his friends.

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