The Village of Cainus

The Village of Cainus was located in the west of the Continent, just south of the valley where Edge first met Gash. According to Panzer Dragoon Saga’s map, Cainus was located in the same mountain range as the valley.

Like Elpis and Zoah, Cainus appeared to be a walled village, likely built that way as a defence against the monsters.

When Gash first met Edge he referred to the people of Cainus as “my people”, so it appears that the residents of Cainus were partially or completely made up of Seekers.

Gash examines the ruins of Cainus.

Gash examines the ruins of Cainus.

Cainus was attacked by monsters during disc 1 of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Panzer Dragoon Saga’s defeated enemy data speculates that stryders may have invaded the village, but this is not confirmed. When Edge and Gash arrived at the remains of the village they found no survivors.

Gash was puzzled by the attack, not understanding why the monsters had decided to attack Cainus when they did. Both Edge and Gash camped the night in the ruins of Cainus, while Gash thought it over. He found the dead remains of a Seeker in the village, along with a message. Gash told Edge that the Seeker had written the message in his own blood stating that Craymen had led the monsters into the village. Gash may have been speaking figuratively when he said that message was written in blood, however it is not confirmed either way. It is unclear why Craymen led the monsters to Cainus, if the message was indeed true.