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Rhua was a mercenary worker at Excavation Site #4. In the introduction to Panzer Dragoon Saga he was wearing a protective mouthpiece, likely to protect himself from inhaling unclear air from the mine. He was the first character to speak in Panzer Dragoon Saga, asking Edge what was up. When Edge replied in a bored tone that not much was up, Rhua advised him to enjoy the peace while he lasted. He told Edge not to concern himself with why they were guarding the excavation site and to just do the job. The less they knew about the Empire, he believed, the better off they were. He told Edge this strategy for dealing with the Empire came from his personal experience, and that asking too many questions would get Edge killed.

Edge and Rhua’s conversation was interrupted when Rhua heard a distress call from someone below. There was something in the mine below, so the two quickly entered the mine to assist the Captain. When it was discovered that there was a pure-type monster in the mine, Rhua called for help. Craymen’s fleet received Rhua’s distress signal and a member of the fleet responded, saying that they would arrive in fifteen minutes. Rhua advised Edge to get out of the mine.



When Craymen’s fleet arrived, Rhua was horrified when Zastava shot the Captain of the excavation site. He looked up and saw the Black Fleet’s logo, which he recognised as part of the Empire. Confused, he told Zastava to hold his fire because he was on their side. Zastava responded by saying, “Our side? Humpf, until now, that is.” He then shot Rhua. Craymen then told Zastava to leave the mercenaries be, but it was too late for Rhua.

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