Scourage of the Terrablossom


Hello Divine Visitor. I am glad you could take time off of your busy schedule to visit us once more. Is your world so boring that you must travel to others for amusement? Apparently so. In case you have forgotten the events of our world last, I will bring you up to speed. Ten years ago, the world was in turmoil. Populated by horrible monsters with razor sharp teeth, no one could go near the forests that held man’s fruit. Much of the food was controlled by those that had power, and those that thought that the fruit was from the Gods. People travelled far to places such as that of the village of Zoah, just to buy food. The food from Zoah was said to be a gift from the Gods, taken from the fertile forest a stones throw south of the town. The high priest of Zoah was a zealot, however, who believed that only those who paid tribute to the Gods should receive the blessings.

The rest of the food that was not stored in Zoah was held by an even more disgusting force, the Empire. The Empire were a band of seekers, who were determined to free the world from the grasp of the Ancient Age by destroying the one called “Sestren”. The power they would use to destroy Sestren dissolved their good intentions, and they took perverse pleasure in holding the continent in an iron hand. Despite being twice defeated by one dragon, the Empire still reigned.

But then, a young mercenary, named Edge was pulled into adventure when a rebel fleet of the Empire tried to control the most powerful of the ancient ruins: The Tower. Many towers exist throughout the world, but the Uru tower was one of the most powerful. Craymen, the leader of the rebel fleet, aimed to control the tower and bring back Mankind from extinction, a state that was rapidly approaching with every passing day. It was not to be, however, as Craymen was brought down by the Empire, who themselves wished to control the world. But then, just as it all seemed hopeless, a drone, named Azel, activated the tower’s defence systems. Monsters of unimaginable ferocity attacked the Imperial Command Fleet, and the Empire’s power crumbled to nothing. Azel and Edge, the young mercenary mentioned before, went on to fulfil the dreams of so many Seekers, and, using the doorway from the tower, travelled to the Astral Plain and destroyed “Sestren”.

But the two adventurers failed to think of the intelligence of the Ancients. Realising that Sestren was vulnerable even though he existed on another plain, the Ancients created several backup systems, so that, even if the central being, Sestren, was destroyed, the Towers could still function and the world would remain in the grasp of the Ancient Age. A process was also created that would bring back any monster, be it Sestren or a single Lazara, from the dead. This process was placed in the mind of the backup systems, who now seek not only to revive Sestren, but also to put him in his rightful place as ruler of all Mankind. The Brotherhood of Sestren was born. For five years they have researched the monsters that used to plague mankind, and can control them like an ordinary man can control a Coolia. Five years is as long a head start as anyone is going to get.

And who am I, your humble narrator? I am the Heresy Dragon, the being whose sworn duty it is to release humanity from the clutches of their ancestors. I thought I had succeeded. But now I see my duty is unfinished. It is time for me to return to the Physical Plain, and carry on my duty to give mankind free will.