Panzer Dragoon X

Chapter 5

Date: 07/11/29

Entry: 7

In this entry of the diary, I will do my best to sum up the events of yesterday. It is almost… no, it IS unbelievable. To give the account one hundred percent accurately would be impossible. To understand what has happened to me and my cohorts you must have been with us at the time. But for history’s sake, here are my records.

Yesterday, the dragon Roc, the extraordinary machine-man, and myself at last came to the second Tower, which was amongst a moat of jagged rocks in the middle of the second continent desert. The Tower, massive and beastly, beckoned to us, and we, like curious children, entered its core like we knew what awaited us. The great Tower was more grand than the one on the North Continent by a long shot. And it was still completely intact. Perfect condition for an ancient Tower.

Inside its abysmal interior was astounding. We stared in awe at the vivid walls, which were an elegant display of what happens when metal and flesh intertwine. The walls even had the same fleshy wire that the man we found in the desert has on his arm, lined between cracks in the stone that decorated them. Pillars constructed of a stringy, organic red cord also were found at the bottom of the Tower, where we landed.

As we walked now on foot, Roc still carrying the unconscious man on his back, he appeared to be looking for something. I waited for a few minutes before I grew weary and placed my back against the wall of the Tower. Apparently activating some sort of holographic device. I slipped into a trance, possibly connecting with the Tower and watched history repeat itself, and my purpose was soon discovered. I remember what I saw perfectly:

Final Being Status- 61%

Prototype F1-43563 Status- failed

Prototype F2-43562 Status- immobile

Prototype F2-43562 Status- discontinued

Prototype F3-43561 Status- success

‘Excellent. The emperor shall be pleased immensely. Store the discontinued prototype away in the Tower for now. We may have some use for it later. Transport the successful prototype to the laboratory in the palace immediately.’

‘Yes sir. When will work on the final project commence?’

‘Schedule it for the second day of the tenth month.’

‘Right away sir.’

4983859453… 0939583843… 239842349…

Work on Final Being complete

F0-66666 Status- awaiting orders

4048949038… 4359-49330-… 456456…


‘Destroy the humans.’

<Thousands of men, women, and children jostle through a large throng of panicking citizens, trying to get to the nearest shelter as a monstrous shadow engulfs them. Imperial aircrafts and warships do their best to defend against the blackness, but missiles of pure energy are fired in all directions and they are reduced to oblivion. The city is torn piece by piece. Human bodies are launched aimlessly in the air, wherever the missiles blast them. As the darkness overwhelms the city, everything is black. Thus ending the ancient empire, and beginning the age of chaos.>

…Then I came out of my trance only to hear a soft, angelic voice say, “And it still lives.” I turned only to be confronted by the strange man from earlier, now awake and walking around. I could only ask him what he was talking about and he answered, “The Final Being. Bringer of death and destruction, and the one who will live until the end of time.”

I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. He however took the time to explain everything to me. It turned out that this man was actually the discontinued prototype that I encountered in my trance. So he was a drone after all. The ancients had planned on creating the Final Being to be an all-powerful machine, which they could learn from and be taken care of by. In their image, it was a god. But their god betrayed them, and as I saw in the visions of my trance, it destroyed them all. An entire civilization destroyed. The end result, the South Continent as it is today, a dead wasteland.

The Final Being then, as the drone who calls himself ‘Azrael’ (for reasons untold, personally it sounds better than F2-43562 anyway) theorizes, manifested itself deep within the planet’s core to hibernate, and once its strength was fully restored, would return to the surface and destroy all living creatures on the planet, leaving only a handful to remain, just to give them time to reproduce and flourish once more, before he returns again to repeat the process. A deadly routine that will last forever.

The time for the second attack has come. The Being still lives on, and has awakened from its slumber. As Azrael explained this to me, I was also connecting with Roc, who gave me this knowledge. On the North Continent, where a second Tower was built, the dragon Roc was created long ago. He was built to serve the community if the Final Being should fail. However, before the city was destroyed he received information of the attacks and (as dragons do sometimes) turned against his purpose with his own will. The Will of the Dragon is something no human can control. Roc also hibernated in his Tower until the Final Being awakened. And that time has come.

When Azrael sensed the presence of the Being, he awakened from his slumber, which he had been doing when the ancients stored him away in here. Although Azrael was built for the same purpose as the Being, he was incomplete. And he was created with the same thing the Being had when it was created, a Will. He used his Will to stop the Final Being from hurting another human.

Knowing he had to do something, he left the Tower, and set out on foot into the desert. Since he had never been outside the Tower before, he had no idea what to expect. Eventually, he collapsed into a sand dune and was once again immobile. As a token of appreciation for saving his life, Azrael presented me with his gun we found him with. This weapon will prove most efficient in the future, I believe. Before leaving the Tower, we encountered another surprise… another dragon dwelt in the Tower. It did not seem to appreciate our attendance.