The Panzer Dragoon series is full of mystery. These articles attempt and fill in the gaps with theories based on in-game evidence and logical reasoning.

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Attached Dragon Mind Theory

Could the dragon's mind have attached itself to the dragon program in order to survive the length of all four games? This theory discusses how and why Lagi could have survived in such a fashion.

Coolia Inconsistency Theory

Coolias seem to come in many shapes and sizes as evidenced in this theory. The question is, are we seeing evolution at work with different coolias adapting to different environments, or a lack of consistent modelling?

Dark Dragon Program Theory

The gold four winged starfish-like creature seen in a flashback at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga was an enemy of the Heresy Dragon Program, but who or what exactly was this creature supposed to be? Sestren... or something else?

Different Dragons Theory

It is commonly thought that the dragon had the same physical body in all four Panzer Dragoon games. But what if the Heresy Program controlled different bodies in each game (with the exception of Panzer Dragoon Orta)?

Divine Visitor Theory

Is the truth behind the Divine Visitor crystal clear for all to see, or have we yet to delve into the truth? This little theory explores an idea ignored by an unquestioning status quo.

Dragon Development Theory

A theory that examines the dragon forms that the dragon morphes into in Panzer Dragoon Orta and how assimilating other creatures helps shape these forms.

Edge's Death Theory

If you're lucky enough to have played through Panzer Dragoon Saga, you've probably wondered what happened to Edge after the game's conclusion. This article argues that Edge died.

Gold Dragon Program Theory

This theory explains exactly what the gold and black four winged starfish creatures (that we see in the ending of Panzer Dragoon Saga) are and resolves the confusion surrounding them.

Heretic Birth Theory

Could there be more to the green light the villagers of Elpis saw than meets the eye? It's hard not to wonder where their belief originated, and when. This theory argues that the Heresy Dragon Program scattered his essence in multiple coolias.

Lundi The Sky Rider Theory

The Sky Rider hands over his mission to the next rider before he dies but we never find out who he is and how he met the dragon. Here is a theory that explores the possibility that he might have been Lundi.

Nature of the Dragon Theory

This theory covers many topics: Where did the dragon come from? Why did it disobey the will of the Ancients? What are these dragon "programs"? But they all lead back to one question: why does this dragon even exist?

Origin of the Anti Dragons Theory

Why do the anti dragons look like the forms of Edge's dragon? Why do the background locations look familiar when fighting them? This article attempts to answer these questions and explain the origin of the anti dragons.

Orta's Father Theory

The common belief is that Orta's father was Edge, the main character from Panzer Dragoon Saga. But do we really know this for sure? Azel may have used Craymen's DNA instead, as suggested in this theory.

Panzer Dragoon's Planet Theory

If the Panzer Dragoon series isn't set on Earth, then where is it set? Here is a theory regarding another world that Panzer Dragoon could be set on, also explaining how the ancients might have got there.

Single Physical Dragon Theory

Was the dragon different in each of the Panzer Dragoon games, or was it the same dragon in all four Panzer Dragoon games? Here we try to prove that the dragon was the same physical creature from Panzer Dragoon Zwei to Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Sky Rider and Dark Dragon's Rider Theory

Here you'll find another comprehensive theory concerning the true nature of the Sky Rider and his dark nemesis, which runs down a long list of reasons explaining why the two masked riders were drones.

Sky Rider Drone Theory

This theory argues that the mysterious Sky Rider was actually a drone, prepared for the Heresy Dragon in the Ancient Age and altered by rebels.

Sunken Tower Theory

Were the underground ruins that Orta travels through in episode 6 one of the Ancient Towers serving as one of the few gateways to Sestren? Read this theory and weigh up the evidence for yourself.

Theory of Relative Monstrosity

How were the mutated monsters part of the plan of the Ancients? How do the monsters fit in with Sestren's ecosystem, and why Sestren should not necessarily be thought of as a computer network.

War Without End Theory

Something went awry in the plans of the Towers' builders. Robert Frazer suggests that the Panzer world has become another battlefield where the ghosts of the Ancients still continue to clash.

Wedged Gun Theory

Orta's gun had to have come from somewhere. This theory entertains the possibility that the dragon himself brought the gun to Orta's aid, wedged against his back.

Zoah Bible Theory

If the Ancients were the gods mentioned in the books of Zoah, then our eyes have been opened to much of the truth regarding the downfall of the lost civilisation. This theory goes step by step through the books in an attempt to uncover the truth.

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