Contemplation of the Panzer Dragoon storyline, be that likely possibilities or wild speculation. These articles are less about formulating an argument and more about asking "what if?".

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Could Iva Be the Next Dragon Rider?

Orta's ending suggests that she will return for the next game as the main dragon rider, but is her return really set in stone? Perhaps a less known character will take her place instead.

Could the Dragon Be a Gun Producing Factory?

More speculation about the origins of Orta's gun. In this article, KBlack discusses the possibility that the dragon's body itself may have been designed to create other types of biological weapons, such as the gun.

Created in the Ancients' Image?

What did the Ancients really look like? We may never know the true answer, but this theory discusses one of the possibilities, based on ruins found in the Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Did Edge Travel Back Through Time?

With Sestren controlling the world and people sleeping for thousands of years, Panzer Dragoon Saga has some seemingly far fetched moments. But could time travel be possible in the world of Panzer Dragoon?

Did the Ancient Rebels Create Dragons?

Did the Ancient rebels built bio-weapons, Azel among them, to defeat other Ancients? And was Azel stolen from the rebels instead of by them as is usually believed.

How Was Azel Awoken?

How exactly was Azel awoken from her ten thousand year sleep? It's difficult to come to any solid conclusion, but here are several possible answers to the mystery.

Interpreting the Book of Genesis

An interpretation of the books of Zoah, speculating that even humans could have been the creations of those who called themselves gods.

Materialisation Out of Thin Air?

Who knows where Orta's gun originated, if anywhere? The questionable origins of the gun merit attention and certainly don't deserve to be discounted as something that wasn't intentional when so much detail was poured into Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Prototypes? Prototypes of What?

The Dark Dragon was also known as the Prototype 02 dragon, but prototype of what? This article sheds light on a possible explanation, including ideas about the pup left behind in Shelcoof.

The Heresy Rider

Could the Sky Rider have been occupied by the same entity as Lagi? Here are details, you decide for yourself.

The Writing of Panzer Dragoon

This article looks at similarities and differences between the various symbols that form the Panzer Dragoon language, and speculates on where the people who speak this language may have inherited it.

Transforming Solid Objects Into Pure Energy

Could the Ancients convert matter into energy and back again? More to the point, could the dragon? Decide for yourself.

Was Radgam Kyle?

Here we take a look at the possibility of Radgam and Kyle being one and the same person, and thus tie up the loose end of Kyle's disappearance.

Was the Dark Rider a Replacement?

The Sky Rider and the Dark Dragon's rider share many similarities. A coincidence? Could the Dark Rider have been a replacement for the Sky Rider, activated after the dragon rebelled against the will of the Ancients?

Was the Garil Desert Once a Lake?

The Garil Desert is home to a number of ruins resembling the stone archways found in the first episode of Panzer Dragoon, and is the grave of an ancient airship. Is there a connection?

What Happened to the Natural Creatures?

Humans barely survived the downfall of the Ancient Age, but what happened to the natural animals of the Panzer world? Did they go the way of the dinosaur or were there more sinister reasons surrounding their extinction?

What Is Gash's True Identity?

What is it exactly that Edge sees beneath Gash's mask? Was it a hideous scar left behind from some battle with the monsters of the Ancient Age, or could Gash himself be bioengineered?

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