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Information about the Imperial forces in Panzer Dragoon Saga. These entries come from the Data on Defeated Enemies screen in Panzer Dragoon Saga which can be found by pausing the game.

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The Battlecruiser is the most feared of the Empire’s armada. It is armed with the most powerful weapons and can destroy targets in the air and on land. Tracers Ion Blasters Bio-Dart


A gigantic floating fortress armed with a variety of weapons. It is heavily armored, and packs a punch. It is still in its prototype stages. Explosive Plague Rocket Wide Spread Blitz


The Deathmaker is a surface to surface warhead that can level an entire region in the blink of an eye. The warhead is armed with anti-air batteries. Close Range Gun Machine Gun Random Shot


The Enforcer Class ship is a more powerful version of the Gunship. They carry a variety of weapons and usually take care of the Empire’s dirty work. Tracers Ion Blasters Bio-Dart


The Exterminator is a transport ship that can carry hundreds of troops as well as smaller vessels. It is very well defended. Offensively, it carries missiles and powerful cannons. Air Mines Homing Missiles Magnetic Cannon

Grig Orig

The Grig Orig is the Emperor’s Flagship. It is armed with anti-air batteries, and can destroy a village with a single blast of its cannon. Its name, translated, means IRON FIST. Tracers Rotating Battery


A Gunship is the standard military craft of the Empire. It is usually assigned to travel in groups and shoot down small enemies. It is armed with tracers, but carries no large weapons. Tracers Ion Blasters


A small scout ship that travels in groups. Their purpose is to patrol an area and alert military vessels of intruders.


Marauders are similar to Skiffs, but they are designed for speed as well as maneuverability. Plasma Blaster Tracers Modified Anti-Monster Rockets

Missile Cruiser

A Missile Cruiser is a slow ship that carries five missiles that can be aimed at air or land targets. This ship’s primary purpose is to eradicate land targets. Launch Missiles

Plasma Cannon

Plasma Cannons are used in the perimeters of Imperial Bases. They travel on rails and shoot down anything that invades their airspace. Anti-Aircraft Cannon

Punisher (Imperial Forces)

The Imperial Punisher is a deadly foe. It is armed with six aerial torpedoes that can knock most airships out of the sky. If it runs out of torpedoes, it can use tracers to finish its opponents. Tracers Homing Mines


Pyro class ships usually escort larger ships. The primary purpose of the Pyros is to ignite enemy ships. While the crews are busy putting out the fires, the large ships destroy them. Inferno Blast


A Raider is a better armored version of the Stinger. Raiders are flown by the Empire’s best pilots. Tracers Toxic Gas


Skiffs are designed for maneuverability. They were created to fly close to the ground and engage targets at close range. Tracers Nerve Gun Plague Rockets


Stingers travel in squadrons. They are small, but incredibly fast. They are well suited for hit and run tactics. The Empire uses them to “soften up” enemies so the larger ships can finish them. Aerial Blitz Tracers


The Imperial Warship is a formidable opponent. Its odd shape allows it to fly straight up and down. It can land almost anywhere. The Empire uses Warships for ambushes. Tracers Ion Blasters Bio-Dart

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