Panzer Dragoon Saga - Data on Defeated Enemies - Craymen's Fleet

Information about Craymen's fleet. These entries come from the Data on Defeated Enemies screen in Panzer Dragoon Saga which can be found by pausing the game.

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Armed with a rotating cannon affectionately called the Reaper, the Annihilator is a formidable foe. It also carries chemical weaponry to defend itself from organic attackers. Reaper Plague Rockets


Craymen’s Flagship is armed with Tracer Cannons, Sub-Cannons, and Homing Mines. It is designed for air to air combat. Tracers Homing Mine Sub Cannon


Inferno units are powerful one-man crafts that mix chemicals to create a sticky molten substance. They are heavily armored in front, but fairly defenseless from behind. Inferno Blast

Punisher (Craymen's Fleet)

This airship’s primary purpose is to carry explosive projectiles and launch them at anything that stands in its way. It carries six air to air Homing Mines, also known as Gravediggers. Tracers Homing Mines


These small craft fight in small squadrons. They are fast and are especially adept at strafing air as well as ground targets. Aerial Blitz Tracers


Zastava’s Attack Ship. It is named Spectre because of its stealth and speed. Zastava may be psychotic, but he is Craymen’s best pilot. He can dodge virtually any missile attack. Blasters

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