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Ships and weaponry used by the new Empire. These entries are found in the Encyclopedia/Empire/Imperial Weapons section of Panzer Dragoon Orta's Pandora's Box.

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A small airship only capable of fitting a single pilot, this aerial transport was created by the Imperial Arms Development Group. While not designed to travel vast distances, it is extremely effective for traversing dangerous and...


A pumper deployed by the Imperial Army. It has a wide variety of uses, including pumping potable water and air from the surface, removing sewage from the underground site, and extinguishing fires in emergencies.

Reinforced Homing Missiles

An upgraded version of the medium-sized homing missile, with greater destructive power. Used for larger armaments.

Remote Missiles

Powerful guided missiles that have four times the offensive power of normal Imperial shells. Developed to incapacitate reinforced installments and batteries within armored fortresses and such, the homing missile is capable of taking out entire...

Shielded Warship Shaiha

Medium sized assault ships equipped with reflective shields in their bow. These shields are specifically designed to reflect light-based Ancient weaponry. Due to their lack of ability to rotate quickly, they are often used in numbers, set in...

Transport Tank Emden

Using the outdated mobile turret as a base, these mobile platforms were refitted with tractor beams and used to transport various equipment through the excavation sites. They have also been fitted with more artillery power to be used as...

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