Panzer Dragoon Fan Remixes

Fan remixes of various music tracks from the Panzer Dragoon games.

Music Tracks in this Category

Panzer Dragoon Orta - More Than a Weapon OC ReMix

SuperGreenX teamed up with pianist-ReMixer Michael Contraveos for this track, a remix of "Ancient Weapon" from Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Panzer Dragoon - Panzer Groove OC Remix

The "Main Title" theme of the original Panzer Dragoon. The rhythm track here hinges on the repetitive bongo groove because too much percussive motion would have distracted from the rising flute melody.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei - Lagi's Takeoff OC Remix

A remix of the Panzer Dragoon Zwei track "The Great Ravine". The artist tried to make the melody itself prominent, as well as evoke a tribal sound.

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